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Clique para acessar The Organics Recycling Messaging Dilemma - 09/07/2020

Initial national survey findings on organics labeling, terminology, and color preferences shed light on how to communicate to the public to achieve a successful organics collection program.

Clique para acessar New York City Council Restores Funding For NYC Compost Project - 09/07/2020

In April, New York City (NYC) Mayor Bill DeBlasio suspended all public funding for composting in NYC as part of cuts to the City budget in response to COVID-19. The NYC Department of Sanitations Curbside Composting program was suspended for at least 14 months, from May 4, 2020, to June 30, 2021.

Clique para acessar Basics Of Biogas Upgrading - 09/07/2020

This primer serves as an introduction for anaerobic digestion projects debating what type of gas upgrading system is right for their needs.

Clique para acessar ESWET Waste to Energy Essential Complement to Recycling as Lockdowns Loosen - 08/07/2020

As public authorities are now planning the post-coronavirus recovery, the ESWET has issued a reminder of the complementary role energy recovery plays to recycling in its comprehensive hygenisation of residual waste.

Clique para acessar Martin JV Concludes Acquisition of Combustion Facilities Following Outotec Oyj & Metso Merger - 08/07/2020

Outotec Oyj has concluded an agreement to sell certain municipal and industrial sludge incineration plant technologies to Kttner Martin Technology GMBH.

Clique para acessar IN DEPTH: Waste to Energy & The European Green Deal - 08/07/2020

In order to deal with our waste here in Europe in an environmentally sound way, appropriate capacity for both recycling and for treating residual waste must be made available. EWEPs Dr Ella Stengler and Agn Razgaityt explore the implications of Green Deal on realising this.

Clique para acessar Compost programs turn garbage into ‘black gold‘ - 03/07/2020

Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed many Americans relationships with food. To relieve some of the stress associated with shopping safely for groceries and ensure food security, many people are once again planting victory gardens.

Clique para acessar All Quebecers will have compost bins by 2025, provincial government says - 03/07/2020

The Legault government says it wants to invest 1.2 billion over the next 10 years

Clique para acessar Florida governor signs curbside recycling contamination bill - 02/07/2020

The law, regarding the management of contaminated recyclables in recycling contracts, goes into effect in October.

Clique para acessar DSNY commissioner discusses how NYCs sanitation department has adapted to COVID-19 - 02/07/2020

New York City Department of Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia talked about the citys response to COVID-19 during a SWANAPalooza keynote session.

Clique para acessar NWRA, EREF survey highlights COVID-19 impact on waste and recycling industry - 02/07/2020

The surveys findings were similar to other industry surveys, with waste haulers being most affected, residential waste seeing the largest increase and staffing accounting for the greatest short-term impact.

Clique para acessar Electric car sales this year resist Covid-19s blow to global car market - 02/07/2020

The number of electric cars on the road is expected to reach almost 10 million this year, as sales grow this year despite the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new report by International Energy Agency.

Clique para acessar bp Statistical Review of World Energy 2020: a pivotal moment - 02/07/2020

This years edition of the bp Statistical Review of World Energy which collects and analyses energy data for 2019 highlights the global energy trends emerging prior to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Clique para acessar NWRA, EREF Survey Highlights COVID-19s Impact on the Waste and Recycling Industry - 02/07/2020

The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) partnered with the Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF) to conduct a survey to learn more about how the waste and recycling industry has been affected by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and how it has dealt with the new challenges that have risen to the surface throughout the pandemic.

Clique para acessar Editors Blog: A Walk Through the Circular Plastics Park - 02/07/2020

There are a few things mentioned in a recent press release from a group called The Plastic Diversion Initiative (PDI) that have been disturbing bits of information. PDI was launched by a collective of organizations that are committed to diverting recyclable plastic from landfills and the environment.

Clique para acessar Finetuning Food Waste Composting - 02/07/2020

The Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency in Kingston, New York began with a pilot project in 2012. Today, it Organics Recovery Facility services generators throughout the region.

Clique para acessar China releases import quotas for copper, aluminum - 02/07/2020

China did not release any new import quotas for steelpaper scrap in its latest batch of import quotas.

Clique para acessar Flexible plastic packaging research shows positive signs - 02/07/2020

The Materials Recovery for the Future consortium determined that its pilot research on recycling flexible plastic packaging is viable.

Clique para acessar China uncovers over 500k tonnes of illegal waste in latest crackdown - 30/06/2020

Chinese customs authorities have intercepted over 500,000 tonnes of illegal waste under the Blue Sky 2020 anti-smuggling campaign and plan to continue the crackdown on illicit domestic and foreign waste imports.

Clique para acessar The word sustainability is dead - 30/06/2020

Alex Massie, Principal Consultant at Eunomia Research and Consulting specialising in the climate and ecological emergency, explains why the word sustainability is out of date and increasingly redundant

Clique para acessar Brexit risk to waste and resources increasing, says Greener UK - 30/06/2020

The risk posed to the waste and resources sector by Brexit has increased over the last few months, with the UK falling further behind EU standards and ambition, according to Greener UKs latest Brexit Risk Tracker.

Clique para acessar Reusables are safe to use during pandemic, say experts - 30/06/2020

A group of 119 experts and scientists have signed a statement reassuring the public that reusable containers are safe to use during the Covid-19 pandemic, provided hygiene measures are followed.

Clique para acessar City of London recycling to be part of riverside refurbishment - 30/06/2020

Planning permission is in place for a five-storey living wall made from recycled drinks cans on the banks of Londons River Thames.

Clique para acessar Finetuning Food Waste Composting - 30/06/2020

The Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency in Kingston, New York began with a pilot project in 2012. Today, it Organics Recovery Facility services generators throughout the region.

Clique para acessar China releases import quotas for copper, aluminum - 30/06/2020

China did not release any new import quotas for steelpaper scrap in its latest batch of import quotas.

Clique para acessar Flexible plastic packaging research shows positive signs - 30/06/2020

The Materials Recovery for the Future consortium determined that its pilot research on recycling flexible plastic packaging is viable.

Clique para acessar Florida governor signs curbside recycling contamination bill - 30/06/2020

The law, regarding the management of contaminated recyclables in recycling contracts, goes into effect in October.

Clique para acessar Plastics releases results from asphalt research project - 22/06/2020

The results are promising for recycled polyethylene film.

Clique para acessar Legislators introduce plastic waste reduction, recycling act - 22/06/2020

The Plastic Waste Reduction and Recycling Act would direct the establishment of a waste reduction, recycling research program.

Clique para acessar A Gardeners Diary: Offer plants a cup of compost tea - 22/06/2020

The rain barrels are overflowing and all containers available are full. The plants are pleading now for sun and warmer weather. We never had the furnace on in the middle of June but this year it came on a couple times and we keep it at 18 C.

Clique para acessar Indonesian Embassy releases procedures for exporters of scrap to the country - 22/06/2020

Indonesia has introduced new procedures for scrap exporters to register with the Indonesian Embassy and Consulates.

Clique para acessar Waste Management named Recycler of the Year in Washington for its use of social media - 22/06/2020

The award recognizes Waste Managements work to engage communities across Washington in recycling via its network of 11 company-run social media channels.

Clique para acessar Why the pandemic could slash the amount of plastic waste we recycle - 22/06/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the use of plastic medical and protective equipment, such as single-use gloves, masks and aprons. Much of this equipment must be discarded after use to limit the spread of the virus.

Clique para acessar Why COVID-19 shows we need a total rebrand of waste management in Southeast Asia - 22/06/2020

Southeast Asia is on a crash course to reversing any progress made on curtailing plastic waste. Mobilizing and empowering green collar workers is necessary now and to avoid future crises.

Clique para acessar Simply Down-To-Earth: Planting Out The Organic Kitchen Garden - 22/06/2020

Planting a tiny seed and watching it grow into food is one of life‘s small miracles.

Clique para acessar Towards inclusive urban waste systems: integrating informal waste workers for a circular economy - 22/06/2020

Without the informal economy, there would be no waste recycling in most Asian cities. In many Asian countries, waste management systems are under-developed, with the informal economy dominating the processes of waste collection, sorting and recycling.

Clique para acessar Impacts of Plastic and Microplastic waste on the Dry Land Environment - 22/06/2020

The discourse regarding the detrimental impacts to the marine environment caused by plastics and microplastics is attracting considerable global push. This has driven some prominent, legislated loyalty to reduce plastic waste.

Clique para acessar A methodology for zero waste municipalities - 22/06/2020

The COVID-19 crisis has completely transformed modern society. From how and what we consume to the way we interact with one another and within communities. The pandemic has shone a light like never before on what works and what doesnt, within our society.

Clique para acessar Design solutions for the green thumb (or at least the green at heart) - 22/06/2020

Traditional gardens are an art form in Japan. With roots in philosophy and spirituality, they are meticulously cultivated and nurtured into spaces for contemplation and meditation. Not surprisingly, time-honored Japanese tools and accessories are often crafted on a higher level, lauded by horticulturalists for their design, quality and versatility.

Clique para acessar Wall of waste to promote recycling - 22/06/2020

The City of London Corporation has given planning permission for a five-storey wall to be covered in recycled trash.

Clique para acessar How to a waste-free garden - 22/06/2020

Gardens can bring such joy. During a time when many are isolated and suffering economic challenges, finding ways to get outside and garden means we are lifting moods and improving mental health for ourselves and our communities.

Clique para acessar Couple build dream home entirely from waste - but it nearly ended in disaster - 22/06/2020

Laura Davies and Dave Buchanan celebrated both their 50th birthdays by moving into their new Spanish Villa, which is made entirely from rubbish and waste products

Clique para acessar Which Is Better for the Environment BiodegradableRecyclable Plastic? - 21/06/2020

Biodegradable plastics arent really good for the environment because to biodegrade they have to be left out in the open. Recycling, on the other hand, helps capture the value of certain polymers primarily PET and HDPE, some PS and PP but the costs of collection, sorting, and transportation involved with mechanical recycling continue to raise challenges. Two new studies from IDTechEx seek to clarify these issues.

Clique para acessar PET SmartCAN Canister Versus the Composite Can: Plastic Wins - 21/06/2020

Plastic container manufacturer Ring Container Technologies, Oakland, TN, reports its 100 recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) SmartCAN has gained broad acceptance in curbside recycling programs across the country.

Clique para acessar Kazakhstan Plans To Convert Solid Waste To Energy - 20/06/2020

As waste management issues have long become an everyday struggle, Central Asias largest country is planning to launch the Waste-to-energy project to tackle the growing mountain of trash, according to Ramazan Zhampiissov, who chairs Kazakhstan-based International Green Technologies and Investment Projects Center (IGTIPC).

Clique para acessar Kazakhstan Plans To Convert Solid Waste To Energy - 17/06/2020

As waste management issues have long become an everyday struggle, Central Asias largest country is planning to launch the Waste-to-energy project to tackle the growing mountain of trash, according to Ramazan Zhampiissov, who chairs Kazakhstan-based International Green Technologies and Investment Projects Center (IGTIPC).

Clique para acessar Plastic Rain Is the New Acid Rain - 16/06/2020

Researchers find that over 1,000 metric tons of microplastic fall on 11 protected areas in the US annually, equivalent to over 120 million plastic water bottles.

Clique para acessar During the pandemic, residential waste has increased significantly. So why are composting programs on hold? - 16/06/2020

Covid-19 has raised awareness among the public about food waste, while also stalling city and state efforts to build and expand composting programs.

Clique para acessar Dyer: The joy of municipal composting - 15/06/2020

Having your own compost pile is great, if you are already a gardener.

Clique para acessar Portugal puts ban on importing waste - 15/06/2020

The Portuguese government has temporarily banned imports of waste from overseas amid concerns over huge landfill sites.

Clique para acessar Leftover building materials were used to a 2-story, 20-foot long tiny home on wheels for 84,746 see inside ‘Bitser‘ - 15/06/2020

The home was created out of extra material that was unused

Clique para acessar Simply Down To Earth Composting - 15/06/2020

Last week we laid out a small kitchen garden, so with the garden beds shaping up, it is time to talk about what is at the heart of organic garden: Healthy soil, the important food for your lovely vegetables.

Clique para acessar Portugal: ‘Europe‘s dumping ground‘ suspends waste imports over landfill concerns - 15/06/2020

Portugal has stopped taking waste from abroad to protect its domestic landfill capacity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Clique para acessar Compost more, New York City - 15/06/2020

Among the challenges facing New York City after the walloping it has taken from COVID-19 is how to preserve critical programs and services in the face of looming budget cuts.

Clique para acessar Three composting techniques - 15/06/2020

At our house, we make use of three different composting techniques. We have two black bins for kitchen scraps and weeds, wire bins for leaves and a compost pile for weeds and pruning trimmings.

Clique para acessar Plastic Rain Is the New Acid Rain - 14/06/2020

HOOF IT THROUGH the national parks of the western United StatesJoshua Tree, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyonand breathe deep the pristine air. These are unspoiled lands, collectively a great American conservation story.

Clique para acessar Poverty monitoring in the context of Covid-19 - 12/06/2020

WebinarStreamed live online 15 June 2020 12:00 - 13:15 GMT+1 (BST) Chair Andrew Shepherd @ChronicPoverty Principal Research Fellow, Equity and Social Policy, and Director, Chronic Poverty Advisory Network, ODI Keynote Olivier De Shutter @DeSchutterO UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human right

Clique para acessar Companies awarded for contribution to plastic waste reduction, recycling - 11/06/2020

The Environment and Forestry Ministry has acknowledged the efforts four companies to reduce the amount of plastic they use and produce in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the country.

Clique para acessar All New 100 Electric Refuse Collection Vehicle from Dennis Eagle - 11/06/2020

Leamington Spa, UK based refuse collection vehicle manufacturer, Dennis Eagle, has launched the eCollect, a 100 electric eRCV claimed to be the worlds first all-electric Refuse Collection Vehicle from an OEM.

Clique para acessar Hitachi Zosen Inovas Technology Supports Moscow Regions Waste Management - 11/06/2020

Technology company Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) and Russian consortium partner ZiO-Podolsk are to supply the entire technology for the new Energy from Waste plant in the Moscow region. The installation will process 700,000 metric tons of waste to generate 70 MW of electricity for the grid. This is the second plant already to be built by the consortium in the Russian capital region on behalf of Alternative Generating Company (AGC-1). Further plants are to follow.

Clique para acessar ‘More masks than jellyfish‘: coronavirus waste ends up in ocean - 11/06/2020

A glut of discarded single-use masks and gloves is washing up on shorelines and littering the seabed

Clique para acessar Connections: Know Your EnemySARS-CoV-2 Risk Of Exposure Via Organics Recycling Pathways - 11/06/2020

Exposure to infected individuals in areas of low airflow (indoors) seems to be the primary route to infection not the pathways involved in the recycling of organics.

Clique para acessar Disintegration Rate Of Compostable Products At Industrial Facility - 11/06/2020

All selected test products scored positive with regard to their disintegration rate, showing substantial fragmentation and loss of mechanical strength within the two composting cycles.

Clique para acessar Microhauling Organics In NYC - 11/06/2020

New York Citys new Commercial Waste Zone Law has carve-out for small-scale organics collection.

Clique para acessar Veteran Compost Hits 10-Year Milestone - 11/06/2020

Compost manufacturer collects commercial and residential food waste in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metro areas.

Clique para acessar Backyard Composting - 11/06/2020

One of the best natural fertilizers and soil builders is available free. You make it yourself. Its compost!

Clique para acessar Hazardous e-waste recycling in Agbogbloshie, Accra, Ghana - 11/06/2020

The slum of Agbogbloshie is the worlds largest e-waste dump. While pollution in land, air, waters and bodies has reached dramatic levels, the work of thousands of informal recyclers in dismantling and repairing electronics remains largely unacknowledged.

Clique para acessar Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2020 - 11/06/2020

Falling clean energy costs provide opportunity to boost climate action in COVID-19 recovery packages

Clique para acessar Amid Plastic Pandemic of COVID-19, Circular Centric Delivers Compostable, Blockchain Technology Solution for New Global Circular Environment - 10/06/2020

Prior to COVID-19, global efforts to reduce plastic waste were making powerful headway. More than half a year into the pandemic, those hard-won efforts are now threatened by significant increases in plastic waste from personal protective equipment (PPE) and the explosive demand for sanitizers, most of which are packaged in HDPE and PET. The need for plastic alternatives has never been greater.

Clique para acessar How I Started Composting Organic Waste at Home - 10/06/2020

I cant remember the last time I gave away wet kitchen waste to the garbage collector. Before you jump to any conclusions about me living in a smelly house, I must clarify that I have been making compost from my kitchen waste for the past couple of years.

Clique para acessar Europe‘s waste problems are still growing. - 09/06/2020

After all, each inhabitant of the EU Member States produces between 250 and 620 kilograms of household waste per year. About 25 to 30 is packaging waste.

Clique para acessar Landfill leachate treatment - 09/06/2020

The Challenge The clients main needs, which are typical of all companies operating in this sector, was reduction in the volume of leachate to be disposed of, whilst ensuring that any streams produced can be discharged from site in accordance with environmental obligation.

Clique para acessar Dirty Business: what really happens to your recycling - 09/06/2020

Thousands of tons of plastic scrap collected for recycling from British households have been transported and dumped on sites across the world.

Clique para acessar Weekly Update: Global Coronavirus Impact and Implications on Compost and Top Soil Market Trends, Strong Application Scope, Key Players, Growth and Forecast by 2029 - 02/06/2020

The report on the global Compost and Top Soil market reveals that the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~XX during the considered forecast period (2019-2029) and estimated to reach a value of ~USXX by the end of 2029. The latest report is a valuable tool for stakeholders, established market players, emerging players, and other entities to devise effective strategies to combat the impact of COVID-19

Clique para acessar How to reduce your waste impact during COVID-19 times - 02/06/2020

In 2018 members of the Marine Resources Committee, Friends of the San Juans, San Juan County Solid Waste, the Lopez Solid Waste District and the Orcas Exchange came together to build an education and awareness building campaign aimed at changing citizen behavior and the cultures of plastic use in San Juan County and throughout the wider Salish Sea region. This group has continued to grow and expand their ideas and efforts. But, the global pandemic that we now find ourselves in has found the group being called upon to provide guidance on newly emerging issues related to plastics and waste.

Clique para acessar High-quality graphene foams are made from organic waste - 01/06/2020

High-quality graphene foams have been made from the waste gases produced during the high temperature treatment of organic waste. Researchers in China say their pyrolysis-based technique is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than conventional production methods.

Clique para acessar Circular Economy Calculation tool - 01/06/2020

Below we present the peer-reviewed calculation tool that allows for all interested stakeholders to get an estimation of the need for residual waste treatment (e.g. energy recovery) once the Circular Economy targets for 2035 &8505 are fulfilled.

Clique para acessar Online Master Class | Recycling in Emerging Economies: Conventional Recyclables in the EU Sphere of Influence - 01/06/2020

Join this online Master Class on Recycling in Emerging Economies: Conventional Recyclables in the EU Sphere of Influence on June 3rd from 2 - 3.30 PM CEST.

Clique para acessar Resilience on the front lines: Building clean, healthy cities for clean, healthy seas - 01/06/2020

On Tuesday, 2 June, waste sector specialist from WIEGOs Urban Policies Programme, Dr. Sonia M. Dias will join global city leaders as they discuss how ocean pollution impacts cities, what cities can do to prevent it and how these efforts can address related city priorities, particularly in light of COVID-19 recovery efforts.

Clique para acessar Coronavirus masks and gloves posing a hazard at recycling centres - 01/06/2020

Too many people are throwing coronavirus masks and gloves into recycling bins, posing a threat to the workers at Valor Sul in Lumiar.

Clique para acessar How to grow plants without plastic - 01/06/2020

Eco-friendly households can reduce their plastic consumption in the garden by ditching sticky labels and making compost from scratch, experts have advised.

Clique para acessar UK energy from waste capacity increased by 1.6Mt in 2019, new Tolvik report finds - 28/05/2020

Tolvik has published today (27 May) its annual UK Energy from Waste Statistics report which provides a comprehensive overview of data on the UK energy from waste (EfW) sector for 2019.

Clique para acessar Microplastic pollution in oceans vastly underestimated study - 28/05/2020

Particles may outnumber zooplankton, which underpin marine life and regulate climate

Clique para acessar Plastics Recyclers Europe: European Plastics Recyclers Cease Production - 28/05/2020

The European plastics recycling industry is closing production due to the current market developments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to trade body, Plastics Recyclers Europe.

Clique para acessar China issues additional scrap import quotas - 28/05/2020

Seventh batch of quotas allows for 10,423 metric tons of copper scrap and 55,810 metric tons of recovered fiber to enter the country.

Clique para acessar Commercial recyclers feeling the impacts of COVID-19 - 28/05/2020

Most volumes are down, even as businesses slowly reopen, meaning recyclers have to adjust.

Clique para acessar Nonprofit tracks its impact on US recycling - 28/05/2020

The Recycling Partnership releases study on the impact it has had the past six years on U.S. recycling programs.

Clique para acessar The valuable role of waste-to-energy in the energy transition - 28/05/2020

An interview with Apricums waste-to-energy expert Thomas Obermeier

Clique para acessar Heating homes in Amsterdam with a "waste-to-energy" source grid - 28/05/2020

In Amsterdam, Waternet, the water company for the city, housing corporation De Key, and energy infra-specialist Firan have joined forces to explore options for a heating grid with heat from waste water, a source grid with ‘waste-to-energy‘ (WtE) heating. Such a project shall be the first application of WtE heating in Amsterdam.

Clique para acessar Plastics Recyclers Europe: European Plastics Recyclers Cease Production - 28/05/2020

The European plastics recycling industry is closing production due to the current market developments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to trade body, Plastics Recyclers Europe.

Clique para acessar How to Start a No-Smell, No-Hassle Compost Box in Your Living Room - 21/05/2020

Now is a perfect time to compost your food scraps, and you can do it indoors!

Clique para acessar New York coalition pushes back on 28M budget cuts to organics recycling - 21/05/2020

Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s administration is searching for savings due to the pandemic‘s financial effects, with funding for curbside collection, community composting and recycling outreach set to be cut.

Clique para acessar USDA project promoting composting, food waste reduction - 21/05/2020

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently announced the availability of 900,000 for local governments to host a Community Compost and Food Waste Reduction pilot project this year.

Clique para acessar The end of plastic? New plant-based bottles will degrade in a year - 21/05/2020

Carlsberg and Coca-Cola back pioneering project to make all-plant drinks bottles

Clique para acessar Lockdowns trigger dramatic fall in global carbon emissions - 21/05/2020

Responses to coronavirus crisis cause sharpest in carbon output since records began

Clique para acessar Your Guide On How to Make a Compost Bin - 21/05/2020

A compost bin is a smart way to put food scraps to good useand no, it won‘t smell up your apartment.

Clique para acessar What Waste Collectors and Recyclers Need to Know about COVID-19 - 16/05/2020

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness caused by a virus called SARS-CoV-2. Symptoms often include cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat,new loss of tastesmell. Our understanding of how the virus spreads is evolving as we learn more about it, so check the CDC website for the latest information. The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person:

Clique para acessar Flower farm in Borders saved by locals after coronavirus sees sales plummet - 13/05/2020

A flower farm in the Scottish Borders has been saved from the brink of closure thanks to generous local villagers.

Clique para acessar How to hot compost turn household waste into compost in just three weeks - 13/05/2020

Hot composting is the secret weapon devoted gardeners have been using to keep their plants thriving without a weekly trip to the garden centre. It transforms kitchen leftovers and grass trimmings into rich, crumbly brown compost in just 30 days.

Clique para acessar Does COVID-19 waste get special treatment? - 13/05/2020

It is not feasible to treat all medical products used in society as medical waste, says expert

Clique para acessar Our 4.5 million organics plant complete, producing - 13/05/2020

Compost to help enhance quality of produce on local farmland

Clique para acessar Staying active, staying home: Gardening, exercise and dancing - 13/05/2020

Gardening is a 12-step program, which includes planning, preparing, planting, and producing, says Elizabeth Hill, urban agriculture and food systems educator with the University of Maryland Extension.

Clique para acessar As Covid-19 cases in district surge, so does the quantity of biomedical waste - 11/05/2020

While a concessionaire directly collects Covid-19 waste from hospitals, testing centres and isolation wards, suspectedconfirmed patients under home quarantine have been provided with yellow bags to dispose of possibly infected waste, such as head caps, masks, and tissues.

Clique para acessar Don‘t buy black plastic and other recycling tips you might not know - 11/05/2020

Everyone can contribute to increasing the amount of rubbish that gets recycled and the amount of valuable resources that get reused. Here are three lesser-known tips to help you make your contribution.

Clique para acessar Jo McCarroll: How to start your own compost - 11/05/2020

The Covid-19 lockdown has seen a surge of interest in composting.

Clique para acessar PWD starts work on compost projects in Ravi Nagar - 11/05/2020

Clique para acessar Plastic recycling company looks to expand as circular economy blooms - 10/05/2020

Homegrown plastic recycling company PT Tridi Oasis Group is looking to expand its business in the flourishing circular economy, as it received part of a US6 million investment dedicated to tackling the ocean plastic crisis in South and Southeast Asia.

Clique para acessar Half of worlds workers at immediate risk of losing livelihood due to coronavirus - 08/05/2020

1.6 billion people face economic hit from Covid-19, says UN labour agency

Clique para acessar The CCAC‘s Waste Finance Programme Helps Cities Tackle Barriers to Transforming Their Urban Waste - 01/05/2020

Waste management can be an expensive and complicated undertaking but connecting with other cities around the world helps communities learn from each other‘s mistakes and accomplishments

Clique para acessar Turning Livilihoods to Waste - 30/04/2020

This is a documentary film about the extraction of value from waste. The film meets with a range of the diverse actors that make up the waste economy in Cape Town, South Africa, from experts, industrial entrepreneurs to informal waste pickers.

Clique para acessar Plantan rboles en el Relleno Sanitario - 29/04/2020

Across the world, the foundations are being laid for sustainable solutions for unrecyclable polymers. Will Simpson explores how one Costa Rican company is turning plastic waste into building blocks

Clique para acessar Campaign to help people in Scotland manage their waste during COVID-19 crisis - 29/04/2020

To help householders and businesses manage their waste during the COVID-19 crisis, Zero Waste Scotland, SEPA, COSLA and the Scottish Government have launched a campaign to raise awareness of changes to local waste collections, providing guidance and directing people to up-date-information.

Clique para acessar Survey launched to treat surplus organic waste generated by COVID-19 lockdown - 29/04/2020

In response to the increase in organic waste surpluses caused by the Covid-19 lockdown, ADBA and the REA have launched a joint survey that will match organic waste producers to their nearest AD operators.

Clique para acessar London lockdown sees spike in outdoor waste burning - 29/04/2020

Firefighters in London have seen a spike in bonfires as Londoners take to burning waste at home during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Clique para acessar Seattle will soon have the world‘s first human composting facility - 29/04/2020

heres probably nothing more personal than the feeling of experiencing the death of a loved one and everyone has different ways of dealing with the tragedy. In this regard, the city of Seattle in Washington decided to introduce the worlds first human composting facility that will allow people to turn their dearly departed into soil.

Clique para acessar COVID-19 lockdown a good time to compost your waste. Here‘s how to do it - 29/04/2020

Home composting can shed load off workers. About 50-70 of Indian households generate waste that is organic in nature

Clique para acessar Jakartas Trash Mountain: When People Are Desperate for Jobs, They Come Here - 29/04/2020

The scavengers who make a living picking plastic, metal and even bones from a huge landfill face additional misery as the global economic slowdown closes the recycling centers they count on.

Clique para acessar Life after lockdown: Cities around the world roll out their reopening plans - 29/04/2020

Many cities are tentatively preparing to ease coronavirus lockdowns - but doing so will be a tricky balancing act. Here‘s what different cities have planned, from Bogota to Berlin.

Clique para acessar Biodegradable, a Magic Word for Environmentally-Minded Consumers, Isnt Always a Green Panacea - 29/04/2020

Next to empty shelves where toilet paper used to be is a stretch of aisle stacked with trash bags, disposable cups, and cutlery at a Whole Foods in Seattle.

Clique para acessar Recology advocates for continued recycling, composting amid stay-at-home orders - 29/04/2020

Recology says being vigilant in collecting these items remains critical during COVID-19 pandemic.

Clique para acessar Pompeii ruins show that the Romans invented recycling - 28/04/2020

Excavations reveal that rubbish left outside the city walls wasnt just dumped. It was being collected, sorted and resold

Clique para acessar The Best Way to Slow Global Warming? You Decide in This Climate Simulator - 28/04/2020

It was on Earth Day 2016 when more than 170 nations signed the Paris Agreement calling for limiting global warming to well below 2C. Putting together the terms took years, with the difficult diplomatic work wrapped up by the end of 2015. Of course, the worlds climate emissaries would want to wait for a more dramatic date to sign.

Clique para acessar Doing a Lot of Cooking Now? Learn to Easily Compost - 22/04/2020

These days, home kitchens are getting a workout, with quarantine cooks cranking out meals (and, admit it, lots and lots of snacks) from daybreak to dusk. The result is a sink filled with carrot peelsnot to mention those eggshells from the latest banana-bread experiment.

Clique para acessar Garden waste suspensions knock composting sector - 22/04/2020

Suspensions of garden waste collections across the UK have caused huge falls in volumes arriving at sites, composting sector businesses have said.

Clique para acessar Decision to stop garden waste collections during pandemic is correct - 22/04/2020

I would like to make a comment about the scrapping of garden waste collections while the country deals with the devastation of coronavirus.

Clique para acessar How to Trench Compost in a Raised Bed - 22/04/2020

Composting envisions a mound of debris that contains brown and green material. There‘s aeration, watering, and turningtumbling. When do you need to water? How much water should be used? How often should the pile be turned?

Clique para acessar ‘Recycling Today‘ launches virtual trade show - 22/04/2020

The Recycling Today Virtual Trade Show brings the latest technology and innovations right to your homeoffice, at no cost.

Clique para acessar China cuts back on aluminum production, while steelmaking surges - 22/04/2020

Media reports indicate several aluminum producers have idled capacity, but steelmaking has surged in April.

Clique para acessar Mexican metals recyclers seek scrap outlets - 22/04/2020

BIR report indicates aluminum recyclers are turning to export markets.

Clique para acessar Challenges of the unknown - 22/04/2020

"Recycling Today" surveys reveal a high level of uncertainty within the recycling industry as recyclers face fluctuating levels of generation and demand.

Clique para acessar Recycling in Horsham improves dramatically during Covid-19 outbreak - 21/04/2020

Thats according to Horsham District Council which says that residents achieved much improved recycling rates for the first quarter of this year, and particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

Clique para acessar Coronavirus News: NYC suspends curbside composting program until June 2021 - 21/04/2020

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) The New York City Department of Sanitation announced Monday that it is suspending its curbside composting pickup until June of 2021 due to budget cuts related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Clique para acessar Tips to sanitize vehicles during COVID-19 - 21/04/2020

Chuck Geer, head of Clean Harbors COVID-19 decontamination efforts, provides the best practices on vehicle sanitation.

Clique para acessar Best practices for treating ammonia in landfill leachate - 21/04/2020

Treating ammonia in landfill leachate requires consideration of several factors to assess which method might be most effective.

Clique para acessar Waste Today launches virtual trade show - 21/04/2020

The Waste Today Virtual Trade Show to bring the industrys latest technology and innovations to attendees remotely.

Clique para acessar ‘Waste Today‘ survey shows widespread industry impact of COVID-19 - 21/04/2020

The results portray an industry that has seen significant changes in personnel, operations and incoming volumes.

Clique para acessar TOMRA: New Sorting Technology Can Help Overcome Recycling Disruption from COVID-19 - 21/04/2020

With large scale disruption to recycling collections and markets across the world, TOMRA Sorting Recycling has published an article looking at how Plant design automation and technology advancements lead to increased purity rates, while requiring fewer manual sorters

Clique para acessar Lebanons waste crisis worsens amid COVID-19 outbreak - 21/04/2020

A local NGO is taking care of medical waste produced by health institutions amid the coronavirus crisis in Lebanon, which is already grappling with an acute trash crisis.

Clique para acessar Decision to stop garden waste collections during pandemic is correct - 21/04/2020

I would like to make a comment about the scrapping of garden waste collections while the country deals with the devastation of coronavirus.

Clique para acessar Compost Kitchen Waste to Make Big Difference Amid Covid-19, says Dia Mirza - 21/04/2020

Dia Mirza took to Instagram to educate people to make productive use of their quarantine time. The video that she posted was recorded for World Environment Day 2019.

Clique para acessar How to make compost - 21/04/2020

Learn how to make compost in five easy steps and help reduce waste

Clique para acessar During pandemic, Yellowknifers encouraged to try out DIY composting - 21/04/2020

City put residential green cart pick up on hold during COVID-19

Clique para acessar COVID-19 increases the amount of infectious and plastic waste in Thailand - 21/04/2020

The Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) estimates that the amount of used surgical masks nearly reaches 1 million pieces a day.

Clique para acessar SWANA Records Significant Increase in Fatalities Involving Solid Waste Collection - 18/04/2020

Since March 14, the Solid Waste Association of North America has recorded a significant increase in the number of fatal incidents involving solid waste collection vehicles and employees.

Clique para acessar Readers Respond: COVID-19 And Organics Recycling - 16/04/2020

In her Letter To The BioCycle Community: COVID-19 And Organics Recycling, BioCycle columnist and Senior Advisor Sally Brown explained that while COVID-19 is new and scary it is part of a family of viruses that we know plenty about. In other words, our existing knowledge of the behavior of coronaviruses in the environment can be applied here.

Clique para acessar Connections: Why Compost Is Cheapest Irrigation System - 16/04/2020

The bottom line is more organic matter means that the soil holds more water. Part V.1

Clique para acessar Launching the proper capsules - 16/04/2020

An Eriez Service Center eddy current separator retrofit helps a Nespresso capsule recycling effort reach its potential.

Clique para acessar Open Society Foundations Aid People Hardest Hit by COVID-19 Pandemic - 16/04/2020

NEW YORKThe Open Society Foundations will give more than 130 million to combat the ravages of COVID-19 around the globe, with a focus on providing immediate relief for vulnerable communities and pushing back against government encroachment on political freedoms.

Clique para acessar Organics recycler talks hardships during COVID-19 pandemic - 15/04/2020

Rust Belt Riders co-founder Daniel Brown sheds some light on the reality many food waste collection services face in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clique para acessar Shipping, ports a concern for recyclers - 15/04/2020

The recycling industry faces some questions and challenges surrounding exports and shipping amid the COVID-19 pandemic this spring. Industry associations, including the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), Brussels, and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Washington, say they are looking into these issues for their members.

Clique para acessar The Joys and Pleasures of Composting - 14/04/2020

I wrote this weeks column on composting [ed: see below], and Ive been really pleased to see how various newspapers have picked it up. Honestly, Ive been really surprised in the past several years about how squeamish people are about composting.

Clique para acessar Why proper trash, recycling and compost disposal are critical to Denver health amid coronavirus pandemic - 14/04/2020

One city solid waste management worker has tested positive for COVID-19 but pickup routes are currently unaffected

Clique para acessar Waste Today launches virtual trade show - 14/04/2020

The Waste Today Virtual Trade Show to bring the industrys latest technology and innovations to attendees remotely.

Clique para acessar Sanitation Workers Holding the Fort Against COVID-19 Have No Protective Equipment - 04/04/2020

The pandemic once again highlights the hazardous conditions that sanitation workers are forced to work in.

Clique para acessar Arcata Promotes Recycling While on COVID Stay at Home with Free Delivery of Compost Bins - 04/04/2020

The City of Arcata encourages community members to practice zero waste while sheltering in place.

Clique para acessar COVID-19 therapy gardens - 04/04/2020

Many of our parents and our grandparents did their patriotic duty during war time by growing victory gardens. Food was needed for the troops, so citizens grew as much of their own food as possible. This virus crisis is being compared to war, but there isnt the same urgency to grow our own food.

Clique para acessar 3 Urban Gardeners Share Tips To Keep You Busy During COVID-19 Lockdown - 04/04/2020

Growing your own veggies to crating new decor for your balcony use this time at home to hone your green thumb. CoronaLockdown

Clique para acessar NWRA asks FEMA to cover noncompensated waste industry services - 04/04/2020

he National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA), Arlington, Virginia, says it has sent a letter to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Peter Gaynor requesting that the agency establish a system to compensate the waste and recycling industry for providing services to protect public health and safety that otherwise would go unpaid durign the COVID-19 outbreak.

Clique para acessar COVID-19 could pose challenges for waste workers - 04/04/2020

Comparing the current health crisis to the 1918 flu pandemic, recycling journalist Adam Minter believes the COVID-19 outbreak could cause unique challenges for U.S. waste collection.

Clique para acessar Report addresses how EPR can help stabilize US municipal recycling systems - 04/04/2020

The Product Stewardship Institute report examines several aspects of packaging EPR programs in Canada.

Clique para acessar Vecoplan touts role of shredders in plastic recycling - 04/04/2020

Germany-based company says its technology can help lead to a seamless recycling economy.

Clique para acessar Banning organic waste - 17/03/2020

Zero waste initiatives are leading states and localities to pass organic waste bans, which present challenges and opportunities to the solid waste industry.

Clique para acessar Largest Landfills List - 17/03/2020

Waste Today ranks the largest 30 landfills in the U.S.

Clique para acessar How landfill tipping fees vary across the US - 11/03/2020

In this video sponsored by Compology, Waste Today Editor Adam Redling breaks down EREF‘s findings on how landfill tipping fees fluctuate across the country.

Clique para acessar WasteExpo reschedules amid COVID-19 concerns - 11/03/2020

The event has been rescheduled for Aug. 10-13 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.

Clique para acessar PFAS At Minnesota Composting Sites - 11/03/2020

State releases findings of contact water testing at source separated organics and yard trimmings only composting sites.

Clique para acessar Recycling 101: Why wish-cycling is doing more harm than good - 08/03/2020

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind- Recently, the City of Carmel put out a message to their residents after noticing a high percentage of the wrong stuff making its way into the recycling bin.

Clique para acessar Wet wipes a growing beach waste, says Coastwatch report - 08/03/2020

Wipes, which are favoured by many for their ease of use, found on 12.2 of our shoreline

Clique para acessar Recycled beauty: Artist turns waste into artwork - 08/03/2020

Hamdi &305nar, an artist in northwestern Turkey‘s Sakarya province, transforms discarded wooden and metal objects into beautiful works of art to emphasize the potential uses for and the importance of repurposing waste.

Clique para acessar The Worlds First Disposable Diaper Company That Collects The Dirty Ones For Composting - 08/03/2020

For environmentally-conscious parents, instead of throwing thousands of disposable diapers into the landfill every year, where they will take 500 years to biodegrade, a new company helps to clear your green conscience.

Clique para acessar Revolutionary New Recycling Method for Plastic and Waste is Solving Two Problems With One Stream - 08/03/2020

Carbon capturing and carbon sequestering, meaning the uptake and storage of CO2 molecules in a solid object, like a buildinga tree which it cant escape from, is one of the many tools for entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and businessmen, who want to do their part to combat the climate crisis.

Clique para acessar Learn all about composting - 08/03/2020

On Thursday, March 12, join GARNA for its Third Thursdays Lecture Series, and learn how Elements Mountain Compost is recycling organic waste and creating high quality soil products in Chaffee County. EMC will provide tips and tricks to start a home composting program including bin design, ingredients, maintenance and more.

Clique para acessar Human Composting Is a Greener Way to Go - 08/03/2020

Our environmental impact doesnt go away when we die, but theres a way to make that impact a positive one.

Clique para acessar Nestl signs up to European Plastics Pact to push for 100 recyclablereusable packaging - 08/03/2020

Food and beverage giant Nestl has announced that its European business is following in the footsteps of its UK operations by signing up to the European Plastics Pact to help achieve its goals of ensuring packaging is 100 reusablerecyclable by 2025.

Clique para acessar How much plastic actually gets recycled? - 08/03/2020

Recycling doesn‘t always give your plastic bottle new life.

Clique para acessar Finland‘s Fortum signs JV for battery recycling cluster - 08/03/2020

Finnish state-owned electricity producer Fortum has teamed up with chemical producer, BASF, and Russian miner Nornickel to form a battery recycling cluster in Finland.

Clique para acessar Composting 101 - 08/03/2020

Come with a friendfamily member to learn all about composting the how and the why. Learning how and beginning to compost your waste helps to empower individuals towards cutting down on global food waste. Reducing your food waste is a powerful step towards a sustainable future.

Clique para acessar A BREF Discussion at the Energy from Waste Conference - 08/03/2020

On day one of the Energy from Waste Conference, the complex issue of the binding new BREF and its significant implications for both new and existing waste to energy facilities was discussed.

Clique para acessar ADBA Report: Biomethane Could Deliver 30 of UK Carbon Budget by 2030 - 08/03/2020

Biomethane from sources including the digestion of organic wastes could deliver 30 of the UKs 2030 carbon budget in the hardest to decarbonise sectors and provide green heat to 6.4 million homes by 2030, according to a report from the ADBA.

Clique para acessar EU-funded project to explore generating sugars from waste - 08/03/2020

An EU-funded project will explore the commercial feasibility of generating waste sugars from household waste and using them to produce bio-based materials for a wide range of applications.

Clique para acessar WRAP launches new campaign to combat public plastics confusion - 08/03/2020

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has launched a new public-facing campaign to provide citizens with the latest information on plastic packaging to allow them to make informed decisions about its use.

Clique para acessar Biomethane could deliver 30 per cent of UKs 2030 carbon budget, says ADBA - 08/03/2020

Biomethane has the potential to deliver 30 per cent of the UKs 2030 carbon budget, according to a new report from the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA).

Clique para acessar UK misses WEEE collection targets for third year running - 08/03/2020

The Environment Agency (EA) has published its annual household waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) collection figures, revealing that the UK has fallen short of its WEEE collection targets for the third consecutive year.

Clique para acessar UK AD and World Biogas Expo 2020 - 08/03/2020

The largest International trade show solely dedicated to anaerobic digestion and biogas

Clique para acessar Federal legislation focuses on plastics, recycling - 01/03/2020

Legislation that has been introduced at the federal level seeks to address deficiencies in U.S. recycling infrastructure, with one targeting grants for recycling education and the other taking a more comprehensive approach with a heavy focus on regulating single-use plastics.

Clique para acessar Responsible Battery Coalition applauds research on lithium-ion battery degradation - 01/03/2020

The new research outlines nine consumer best practices for extending battery life to decrease costs and reduce environmental burdens associated with the production of new batteries.

Clique para acessar VIDEO: Can Batteries Really be Ethical, Recyclable & Sustainable? - 01/03/2020

In the first talk released from the Fully Charged USA show, Chelsea Sexton led a panel discussion on the topic of Can batteries really be ethical, recyclable & sustainable?

Clique para acessar Putting The Landfill Energy Myth To Rest - 01/03/2020

Science and nature, as well as common sense, prove that single-use organics management via landfilling is a misuse of national resources.

Clique para acessar Design Plans For Low Cost Rotary Drum - 26/02/2020

A low-tech rotary drum composting unit to compost food waste is in use at several schools. The design is free to download.

Clique para acessar Perfecting the picture for PET bottles - 26/02/2020

On average, Americas top beverage companies produce about 100 billion plastic bottles every year, according to estimates from the American Beverage Association. While an estimated 35 billion bottles are collected and recycled annually, the majority of these bottles end up in the waste stream, according to that association.

Clique para acessar European Union opens anti-dumping investigation - 26/02/2020

Investigation into aluminum extrusions from China follows complaint by European Aluminum association.

Clique para acessar ISRI Report: Volume of recyclables processed in the US on the rise - 26/02/2020

ISRIs annual Recycling Industry Yearbook includes statistical view on scrap production and recovery, exports and the global flows of selected scrap commodities.

Clique para acessar Ashes to ashes, dust to compost: human bodies could be potting soil in just 30 days - 16/02/2020

An American firm has an answer for those worried about the damage that cremation and interment cause to the environment

Clique para acessar Veteran Compost Hits 10-Year Milestone - 16/02/2020

Compost manufacturer collects commercial and residential food waste in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metro areas.

Clique para acessar Imagine there are no dump sites - 16/02/2020

When we start romanticising a solution that had been engineered under desperate conditions to solve a stubborn problem, there is always the dangerous possibility that may take our eyes off the problem, as also the factors that caused it (the problem) in the first place. This would be a particularly unfortunate situation to have, if the problem was largely avoidable in the first place.

Clique para acessar Biomining of solid waste begins at Vendipalayam compost yard - 16/02/2020

The civic body has begun works to biomine the 4.45 lakh cubic metre of garbage accumulated in the Vendipalayam compost yard.

Clique para acessar Human composting could be the future of deathcare - 16/02/2020

Washington becomes first US state to legalise practice as interest in green burials surges in UK

Clique para acessar Sustainable businesses positive change Nominate one today - 16/02/2020

If you want to see change, you support organizations that put their money where their business is. The South Central Solid Waste Authority and the Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce are once again opening up the nominations for the 2020 Sustainable Business Recognition Program.

Clique para acessar Five Practical Tips for Composting - 16/02/2020

The rich nutrients and minerals formed in compost are the perfect addition to your organic garden. For best results, follow these five guidelines.


Scientists have figured out a way to recycle plastic hundreds of times without losing the quality of the material. Currently, most plastics can only be recycled twothree times before the quality degrades so much that it becomes unusable.

Clique para acessar Japan to study growing problem of plastic waste in Southeast Asia - 09/02/2020

BANGKOK (The Japan News/ANN): To help Southeast Asia address a growing problem with marine pollution from plastic waste, a Japanese research group is planning to launch a full-fledged investigation into the issue in April.

Clique para acessar Valuable metals go to waste in a tsunami of discarded electronics - 09/02/2020

More than a million electrical items are being incineratedsent to landfill each week, according to new figures, creating a tsunami of electronic waste.

Clique para acessar Four mini waste-to-compost plants to come in south Kolkata - 09/02/2020

KOLKATA: The civic solid waste management department has decided o set up small compost plants across the city, where biodegradable garbage will be converted into fertilizer.

Clique para acessar Recycling center stops collection of books and magazines - 09/02/2020

About a month after the city of Owensboro announced it was no longer accepting cardboard at the recycling center at 1401 W. Seventh St., Owensboro stopped collecting magazines and books on Thursday.

Clique para acessar Revolutionary New Recycling Method for Plastic and Waste is Killing Two Birds With One Stone - 09/02/2020

Carbon capturing and carbon sequestering, meaning the uptake and storage of CO2 molecules in a solid object, like a buildinga tree which it cant escape from, is one of the many tools for entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and businessmen, who want to do their part to combat the climate crisis.

Clique para acessar New York City Isnt Doing Great When it Comes to Recycling, Heres Why and How You Can Help! - 09/02/2020

New York Citys Department of Sanitation reported that New York City recycles 18 of trash from homes and 25 of trash from businesses. The city isnt doing as well as SeattleSan Francisco, according to the New York Times.

Clique para acessar Ball Corp. touts aluminum bottles as sustainable option - 09/02/2020

Packaging firm says its infinitely recyclable containers provide an alternative to plastic in several packaging applications.

Clique para acessar UK universities develop biopolymers recycling technique - 09/02/2020

Researchers from the Universities of Bath and Birmingham claim progress on recycling plant-based plastics such as PLA.

Clique para acessar Composting: Benefits and Tips - 09/02/2020

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - In the United States alone people send more food to the landfill than any other type of waste. Participating in city composting is a way to turn that waste into compost, a valuable material for soil for growing food.

Clique para acessar Food (waste) for thought - 09/02/2020

It doesnt have to smell, it doesnt have to draw flies, and it doesnt have to draw rodents. Food waste, according to Glenn Gilbert, director of facilities, doesnt have to be gross.

Clique para acessar How to Make Vermicompost at Home Check Step-by-Step Process - 09/02/2020

Composting is a great option to reduce environmental impact and prepare a natural and beneficial soil additive. But, many of you may not have sufficient outdoor space at home for a traditional compost heap.

Clique para acessar Lee launches biodegradable jeans that can be thrown in the compost bin when youre done with them - 09/02/2020

Despite sustainable clothing developments in recent years, the fashion industry is still having a substantial negative effect on the environment.

Clique para acessar Businesses launch sustainability partner program - 09/02/2020

Responding to the simultaneous growth of community environmental stewardship attitudes, growing mountains of landfill pollution and emergence of services to help people recycle and compost, two local businesses have formed a partnership to promote sustainability in an easy and affordable manner.

Clique para acessar Bengaluru to soon get 200 more leaf-composting units - 09/02/2020

BENGALURU: With spring round the corner, thousands of trees across the city are already shedding leaves, littering roads and private/public spaces.

Clique para acessar Turning waste into wealth - 09/02/2020

Aiming to reduce the waste right at the sourceat the households and also to awareness about environment-friendly methods, the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has been encouraging home composting methods among the citizens in the city.

Clique para acessar The steps to sustainability begin at home - 09/02/2020

At Norfolk Botanical Garden, were constantly looking for ways to expand our environmental efforts. But, the best thing we can do is educate others on their potential impact.

Clique para acessar Project reveals measures to increase recycling in London flats by 26 per cent - 02/02/2020

Resource London has today (29 January) revealed a list of measures that could increase recycling rates in London flats by 26 per cent through simple solutions such as providing residents with clear information and ensuring that bins are emptied and cleaned regularly.

Clique para acessar Local authorities should switch to electric refuse vehicles, says report - 02/02/2020

Switching the UKs diesel-powered refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) for electric trucks could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 290,000 tonnes of CO2 each year, according to a new report from Eunomia Research and Consulting.

Clique para acessar Compostable packaging infrastructure can solve the plastic packaging issue - 02/02/2020

Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO and Co-founder of compostable packaging producer TIPA, calls for a significant investment in facilities capable of dealing with compostable packaging to address the problems posed by plastic packaging

Clique para acessar Bengaluru Society Cleans up Right, Turns Garbage Pile Into Organic Veggie Garden - 02/02/2020

Every Friday, residents of Good Earth Malhar Footprints harvest fresh veggies like leafy vegetables, radish, chillies, etc. Awesome!

Clique para acessar Eight-year-old inspires with her composting activism - 02/02/2020

Budding environmental activist Olivia Ryan took the seed of an idea to compost food scraps, planted it at her school and it has blossomed into accolades.

Clique para acessar How About Making Organic Compost All By Yourself? - 02/02/2020

Few benefits of using organic compost instead of fertilizers laden with chemicals 1) It improves soil structure and helps it holds just the right amount of moisture for the plants to grow. 2) It helps control weed growth and ensures all the nutrients of the soil reach the plant. 3) Organic compost contains the right amount of nitrates to improve soil fertility.

Clique para acessar Meet the First (And Only) German City to Commit to Zero Waste - 02/02/2020

Germans are world leaders in recycling, but one city has decided more needs to be done to protect the environment.

Clique para acessar UK universities develop biopolymers recycling technique - 02/02/2020

Researchers from the Universities of Bath and Birmingham claim progress on recycling plant-based plastics such as PLA.

Clique para acessar Recycling is not new - 02/02/2020

An emergency situation these days is when the battery runs low on the Smart phone.

Clique para acessar Car seat manufacturers urged to launch recycling schemes to stop 90 of them ending up in landfill - 02/02/2020

Having to treat child car seats as waste is scandalous and is extremely frustrating for councils and parents."

Clique para acessar NKDA installs 2 composting machines to process organic waste - 02/02/2020

Kolkata: The New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) is contemplating to find out the effectiveness of manures produced from compost. The NKDA has installed two machines at two of its markets in this regard.

Clique para acessar Watch: Is composting the cure for T&T‘s food waste problem? - 02/02/2020

Trinidad and Tobagos blazing landfill fires which cause toxic smoke and fumes may actually have their origins in our very own kitchen bins.

Clique para acessar Is China about to roil the global plastic market? - 27/01/2020

Commodity analyst says single-use plastic ban there would have sizable ripple effects on the polymers and recycling markets.

Clique para acessar BIR responds to Chinas new nonferrous specifications - 27/01/2020

New standard would recognize aluminum, brass and copper scrap imports as raw materials rather than waste.

Clique para acessar Lightfoot to launch waste management study, hopes to find way to improve Chicagos dismal recycling rate - 27/01/2020

Its not clear if the study will look at replacing Chicagos 9.50-a-month garbage collection fee with a volume-based fee that gives people a financial incentive to recycle. But one of the mayors closest City Council allies said it should.

Clique para acessar Myanmar waste management start up brings positive change - 27/01/2020

RecyGlo, a waste-management and data analytics startup based in Yangon, Myanmar is planing to expands further into other ASIAN countries.

Clique para acessar Some organic-based material you can add to help your soil - 27/01/2020

If one of your New Years resolutions is to move toward more organic-based fertility for your soil and therefore the way you garden, here is some information that might help.

Clique para acessar Letter to the editor: Starbucks food packaging goal also about food waste - 27/01/2020

Rhodes Yepsen, executive director of the Biodegradable Products Institute, says a broader materials management discussion is key to understanding the shift toward new waste reduction targets.

Clique para acessar Climate change initiatives waste management challenges - 19/01/2020

MARINA Local residents can expect a temporary reprieve from rising garbage fees brought on by new state regulations, but officials say waste management is currently undergoing dramatic changes that will eventually drive up waste management prices.

Clique para acessar Madrid on the way to getting organic waste right - 19/01/2020

By 2020 all of Madrids 1.6 million households and 3.2 million inhabitants will be sorting their organic waste ready for collection.

Clique para acessar Where your recycling REALLY ends up: Mountains of rotting rubbish go to landfill after sitting in limbo for TWO YEARS - 18/01/2020

Recyclables left rotting for more than two years will be dumped in landfill

Clique para acessar Madrid on the way to getting organic waste right - 18/01/2020

By 2020 all of Madrids 1.6 million households and 3.2 million inhabitants will be sorting their organic waste ready for collection. The stakes are high: if the city succeeds in diverting all their organic waste from landfill, they will avoid CO2 emissions in the region of 2.4 million tonnes each year the equivalent of taking half a million cars off the road.

Clique para acessar New technique could accelerate waste-to-methane production - 12/01/2020

In a recent study, environmental engineering master‘s student Bappi Chowdhury and his colleagues found that adding conductive materials to the waste products could potentially turn them into a reliable feedstock, allowing for a production rate of up to 70 percent more biomethanea renewable energy sourcefrom a mixture of fat, oil and grease and ordinary food waste in an anaerobic digester.

Clique para acessar Danish company Too Good To Go eyes new American front against global food waste - 12/01/2020

App has saved more than 5,000 bags of Starbucks leftovers in Poland

Clique para acessar How student, 19, is empowering women and tackling Indias industrial waste crisis at the same time - 12/01/2020

A Loughborough student is balancing her university life with helping women cross cultural barriers and get jobs in her home city of Mumbai.

Clique para acessar This Finnish start-up is making shoes from waste coffee - 12/01/2020

Clique para acessar Your next pair of sneakers could be made from coffee - 12/01/2020

Coffee is a big deal. While just a handful of countries dominate production, its consumed in vast amounts almost everywhere on the planet: around 2 billion cups are drunk every day.

Clique para acessar Identifying the modern slavery risk in the waste industry - 12/01/2020

Its not happening in a land far away, its not condemned to the past slavery is here in the 21st century, happening in organisations around the country, and could be closer than you think.

Clique para acessar Plans submitted to resurrect 70m energy from waste plant blueprint - 12/01/2020

Binn Group seeks approval for Perthshire facility it says would prevent landfill of non-recyclable rubbish

Clique para acessar We averted an economic crisis by turning food waste into black gold - 12/01/2020

Few foresaw the waste crisis that plagued Massachusetts in the 2030s. By 2029, global recycling markets had collapsed, and every Massachusetts landfill was closed. All state waste was exported to distant places like Alabama and Mississippi, at exorbitant prices. For mainland municipalities, the cost of disposal doubled, and transportation costs went through the roof.

Clique para acessar What happens to your old laptop? The growing problem of e-waste - 12/01/2020

Monday morning, and a sorry bunch of tangled cables, a broken coffee machine and a single clip-on light is all there is inside the metal crates at Veolia, a noisy recycling depot where residents of the London borough of Southwark off brokenunwanted electrical devices.

Clique para acessar Tokyo 2020 bed makers reassure athletes recycled beds wont collapse during sex - 12/01/2020

Australian basketball player Andrew Bogut questioned whether the sustainable eco-friendly beds being used in Japan this summer will withstand the athletes late-night antics

Clique para acessar Seattle will soon get world‘s first human composting site - 12/01/2020

Seattle, Washington, will soon become home to the world‘s first "human composting" site, a place where individuals can have their postmortem remains slowly decompose into soil.

Clique para acessar Sustainable Funerals, Water Cremation, Human Composting: Colorado Is All About Alternative Burials. - 12/01/2020

Ed Gazvoda is not a fan of the idea of being buried in the ground after he dies.

Clique para acessar Less food waste in 2020 - 12/01/2020

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), food waste refers to the decrease in the quantityquality of food resulting from decisions and actions by retailers, food service providers, and consumers (

Clique para acessar These two friends have produced 11 lakh tiles from 340 tonnes of plastic waste - 12/01/2020

Shayna EcoUnified founded by Paras Saluja and Sandeep Nagpal partners with scrap dealers and NGOs to procure plastic waste, which is then used to produce tiles.

Clique para acessar Chennai residents resist waste management facility in their areas - 12/01/2020

Elangovan E.V. filed a complaint with the Chennai Corporation about public health issues caused by a decentralised waste management facility in a residential area of Kilpauk on December 30, 2019.

Clique para acessar When recycling fails, how will we deal with the tonnes of plastic waste we produce? - 12/01/2020

Recycling may feel good, but in practice, it often just means dumping plastic in Southeast Asia for other countries to deal with. And when they cant, plastic often ends up in landfill anyway. So how to remedy the situation?

Clique para acessar Recycling robot ‘Daisy‘ part of Apple‘s effort to end mining for resources - 12/01/2020

Apple‘s efforts to improve its recycling has an end goal of becoming a "closed-loop" manufacturer in the future, an extremely difficult goal to accomplish, and one that would end the need to mine for new materials if achieved by the iPhone maker.

Clique para acessar Recycling is becoming so expensive that some towns dont know what to do - 12/01/2020

WESTFIELD On a recent afternoon here, with urgency in the air, local officials huddled to consider what until recently was unthinkable. Should they abandon their popular curbside recycling program? Or spend millions to build a plant to process plastic and paper on their own?

Clique para acessar Composting Roundup - Applying Compost To Sequester Carbon - 11/01/2020

A thin layer of compost was applied on a 10-acre sloped section of rangeland in early December in the Altamont Hills east of Livermore, California, kicking off a carbon farming study.

Clique para acessar Youre Invited to Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park to See MBT, AD & Gasification Technologies - 11/01/2020

Milton Keynes in the UK is a town with a unique waste treatment facility, featuring mechanical treatment, anaerobic digestion and gasification of municipal waste. At this year‘s Energy from Waste Conference you‘ll have a chance to see it for yourself.

Clique para acessar Waste-to-Energy Sector Welcomes New Ambitious Standards for Health and Environmental Protection - 11/01/2020

After a 5-year review process, the Best Available Techniques Conclusions for Waste Incineration were published in the Official Journal of the EU.

Clique para acessar IN DEPTH: Waste to Aviation Fuel - Time for Take-off? - 11/01/2020

While a previous project didnt quite achieve take-off, the airline has now teamed up Altalto Immingham, a subsidiary of Velocys, and Shell on a plant to turn 500,000 TPA of MSW into jet fuel.

Clique para acessar Indian Government to tighten restrictions on the import of mixed papers - 11/01/2020

The Indian Government is set to enforce restrictions on imports of mixed paper in a crackdown on the import of contaminated and illegal waste.

Clique para acessar Mobile QUBE Renewable Anaerobic Digestion Tech to Tackle Delhis Air Quality Crisis - 11/01/2020

Somerset, UK based transportable anaerobic digestion specialist, QUBE Renewables, is working on a project in India with Haryana University to install fifty QUBES in the paddy fields of the Punjab in a bid to tackle Delhis air quality crisis.

Clique para acessar Five myths about recycling - 23/12/2019

From the kitchen table to the editorial pages, people have been debating the merits of recycling for decades. Does it really save energy and money? Can I recycle that yogurt cupjuice box? At the same time, recycling technology and global markets have evolved quickly, leaving some consumers confusedstuck in old, outdated ways. A lot of myths persist about those blue bins. Here are some of the most common.

Clique para acessar BP forms consortium to tackle plastic waste - 23/12/2019

Leading companies operating across the polyester packaging value chain have formed a new consortium to help address the issue of plastic waste by accelerating the commercialisation of BP Infinia enhanced recycling technology

Clique para acessar Kalyan residents take green steps for zero-garbage city - 23/12/2019

About 30 families of a housing society in Annapurna Nagar, Kalyan (West) have set an example for encouraging and adopting waste management techniques.

Clique para acessar Editorial: Compostable plastic? Not so much - 23/12/2019

Most people know by now that the disposable plastic used for take-out food is an environmental hazard. Containers, cups, utensils, straws very little of it gets recycled and very much of it ends up polluting the oceans, lakes and rivers of the world.

Clique para acessar How Solid Waste and Lack of its Segregation Destroying Ecologically Sensitive Himalayas - 23/12/2019

According to Niti Aayog, more than 60 of the water supply in Uttarakhand is spring fed and garbage dumping in storm water drains can pollute all the water sources.

Clique para acessar How Solid Waste and Lack of its Segregation Destroying Ecologically Sensitive Himalayas - 23/12/2019

According to Niti Aayog, more than 60 of the water supply in Uttarakhand is spring fed and garbage dumping in storm water drains can pollute all the water sources.

Clique para acessar The downsides of recycling (yes, really it‘s not all good) - 23/12/2019

Last week we wrote about the many advantages of recycling.

Clique para acessar Sustainable Missoula: Consider composting to help fight climate change - 23/12/2019

Less than a month ago, a UN report came out saying we need to reduce our emissions by 7.6 per year on average beginning in 2020 to meet the 1.5 degrees Celsius warming limit.

Clique para acessar The Race for Plastic Waste Innovation - 22/12/2019

Moving the needle on plastic waste reduction requires innovation, and its spurring Morgan Stanleys Multicultural Innovation Lab to search for and accelerate founders whose startups help address the problem.

Clique para acessar Can Loop disrupt society‘s packaging habit? Inside TerraCycle‘s grand experiment - 22/12/2019

The reusable shopping platform, which launched with big hype and is now eyeing retail, has already raised one key question in its early days: What are the true costs of convenience?

Clique para acessar Waste incinerator plan at quarry ‘totally unnecessary‘ - 22/12/2019

A large waste incinerator planned for near Welshpool will be totally unnecessary under the Welsh government‘s newly-published zero waste strategy, it has been claimed

Clique para acessar Worlds First Human Composting Facility for Funeral Services Will Open in 2021 - 22/12/2019

Thanks to changes to Washington state law, people will soon have a new option when it comes to how their bodies are treated after theyve passed. Recompose is a company that will begin offering an alternative to traditional burialcremation called natural organic reduction.

Clique para acessar Turn your Christmas Tree into Compost! - 22/12/2019

Lets make this holiday season green. After the holidays, take advantage of the Citys free Treecycle program by dropping off your real tree at the permanent Yard Waste Depot, next to the Landfill, from December 27, 2019 to January 31, 2020.

Clique para acessar Putting an end to plastic waste - 22/12/2019

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a group of more than 40 companies along the supply chain, was formed in an attempt to help eradicate plastic waste in the environment.

Clique para acessar Waste management in the modern world - 22/12/2019

NORTH OF THE THAMES, between Barking and Dagenham, a new town the size of Windsor is springing into life. When Barking Riverside is complete, it will bring a new river walkway, a linear park, shops, offices, schools, an overground railway station and more than 10,000 new homes to the east of London.

Clique para acessar Ankara wastepickers struggle to be formally incorporated into the legal waste collecting framework, Turkey - 22/12/2019

New technologies and economic structures led to increases in Turkeys recycling rate but 500.000 wastepickers are excluded from commercial gains in the recycling and waste collection sector.

Clique para acessar Residents Protest Israeli Government‘s Waste-to-energy Incinerator Plan - 22/12/2019

Incinerator is part of larger plan aiming to have a quarter of the country‘s waste to be used for generating energy by 2030

Clique para acessar Montreals Top Chefs Join Forces to Fight Food Waste and Feed the Homeless With the Citys Leftovers - 22/12/2019

The initiative, founded by husband-and-wife restaurateurs Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore in 2016, sources surplus food from local restaurants, supermarkets, farmers, and suppliers to prepare meals for the homeless and hungry.

Clique para acessar Ford will upcycle McDonald‘s coffee waste into car parts - 08/12/2019

Ford Motor Company and McDonald‘s partnered to turn the fast food chain‘s used coffee grounds into car parts, according to a press release.

Clique para acessar Island composting program a great idea - 08/12/2019

The goal of the program is to utilize organic matter that would otherwise be dropped off at the Transfer Station and turn it into usable loam for island gardens.

Clique para acessar The role of waste to energy - supporting the move to a low carbon and circular economy - 08/12/2019

There is no doubt that the waste management industry can play a positive role in the drive against climate change, and with thoughts of the discussions going on at COP25 in Madrid, it seemed timely to look at an event which explores the role of waste to energy in the drive to a low carbon future.

Clique para acessar Labour plan to bring 1,100 jobs to Teesside at new steel recycling plant in Redcar - 08/12/2019

Labour say the transformational project will place Teesside at the heart of a Green Industrial Revolution - but the Tories say it‘s old news

Clique para acessar Study of waste stream could help increase recycling - 19/11/2019

Composting could help address largest percentage of trash

Clique para acessar Recompose, the human-composting alternative to burial and cremation, finds a home in Seattles Sodo area - 19/11/2019

One evening last week, around 75 people gathered in a vast Sodo warehouse for an event that may have been the first of its kind in human history: a housewarming party for a funeral home where bodies would not be burnedburied, but laid in individual vessels to become clean, usable compost.

Clique para acessar Chicago Recycling Rate Gets Even Worse At 8.8. New Laws, More Composting Could Change That, Report Says - 17/11/2019

For comparison, cities like San Francisco and Seattle have recycling rates of 60 to 80 percent.

Clique para acessar Amsterdam compost initiative schedules second public meeting - 17/11/2019

Through Compost Works, Grow Amsterdam NY is establishing a food scrap collection program in Amsterdam NY to divert organics from the waste stream and compost. Compost is a valuable community resource made from items that are typically thrown away.

Clique para acessar From Waste to Resources: Reducing food waste is everyones responsibility - 10/11/2019

From Waste to Resources: Reducing food waste is everyones responsibility

Clique para acessar Micro-composting yard opened - 10/11/2019

Madurai: A micro-composting yard to dispose waste collected from Menendal and its surrounding areas was inaugurated

Clique para acessar A good landfill is an empty landfill, compost advocates say - 10/11/2019

Composting came easily to Matt Turov. Growing up in the 60s, his family was focused on throwing away less trash before doing that was even a thing.

Clique para acessar Recycling technologies that add value to waste - 10/11/2019

India generates close to 410mt of plastic waste every year. At the IFCA conference, Kelvin Davies, Australian project manager at Nextek Technologies discussed the recycling problem in-depth. He presented strategies for ensuring that a recycled product has an upscale value, which is vital to achieve a circular economy

Clique para acessar Waste export ban revealed by environment ministers but ‘devil in the details‘ - 10/11/2019

A ban on the export of waste glass, plastic, paper and tyres will be phased in from mid next year after environment ministers agreed to a timetable for changes in the way Australia deals with recyclable material.

Clique para acessar Plastic Atlas a guide as world grapples with the waste crisis - 10/11/2019

Plastics have become a hot topic. News stories about plastic on beaches and in the oceans abound, and policymakers have begun to respond with banslimitations on plastic bags and single-use plastic items.

Clique para acessar Eco India, Episode 48: Why integrated waste management systems are the need of the hour for India - 10/11/2019

Every week, Eco India brings you stories that inspire to build a cleaner, greener and better tomorrow.

Clique para acessar WASTE2TRICITY: Innovation turns dirty plastic waste into clean fuel and electricity - 10/11/2019

UK developer Waste2Tricity (W2T) is ready for a clean energy revolution as the project it has helped pioneer, to turn dirty plastic waste into electricity for the grid and low-cost hydrogen road fuel, prepares for commercial production.

Clique para acessar Britain faces ‘waste battery mountain‘ as electric car use surges - 10/11/2019

Britain faces a new waste crisis from a battery mountain caused by the growing use of electric cars, according to an academic study.

Clique para acessar Sea Change in the Ganges - 10/11/2019

Flowing 1,560 miles&8239from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal, the Ganges River, locally known as Ganga, is one of the worlds greatest, longest and most polluted waterways in the world. On its journey from the mountains to the sea, the sacred river considered by Hindus to be the personification of the goddess Ganga collects untreated sewage, trash and an estimated 1.2 billion pounds of discarded soft and hard plastic each year.

Clique para acessar ‘Turkey‘s regulation aims to stem waste, not recycle‘ - 10/11/2019

Over 26,000 institutions, more than 2 million people across Turkey were educated on zero waste, says expert

Clique para acessar Plastics industry needs policing - 10/11/2019

Plastics have become a hot topic. News stories about plastic on beaches and in the oceans abound, and policymakers have begun to respond with banslimitations on single-use plastic items.

Clique para acessar The world is stuck with decades of new plastic it cant recycle - 10/11/2019

Clique para acessar This device captures a greenhouse gas, and just won a tech-startup competition - 10/11/2019

Greg Chrin deals firsthand with the problem of methane escaping from landfill gas control systems.

Clique para acessar Amsterdam group awarded grant for compost initiative - 02/11/2019

An Amsterdam organization has planned a smashing start for a grant-funded effort seeking to educate community members about the benefits of composting.

Clique para acessar Think vegware will solve our plastic crisis? Think again. - 02/11/2019

In todays world, the desire to move away from conventional plastic packaging that is clearly harming our oceans and marine life has been accelerating.

Clique para acessar Dont trash that Halloween pumpkin. Compost it and give the soil a treat - 02/11/2019

Feed the soil, and the soil feeds you thats the idea behind composting, says urban farmer Jacob Zeairs.

Clique para acessar Matthew Wilson: How composting changed my life - 02/11/2019

Waste disposal can be made more efficient with kits such as worm farms and hot bins

Clique para acessar Forget fast fashion, would you wear food waste fashion? - 02/11/2019

Corn husks, mushrooms and even potatoes are being converted into green clothes and accessories

Clique para acessar Argentina could become ‘sacrificial country‘ for plastic waste, say activists Argentina could become ‘sacrificial country‘ for plastic waste, say activists - 02/11/2019

Argentina has changed its definition of waste in a move that could allow it to import millions of tonnes of plastic waste discarded in the US.

Clique para acessar Malcolm Rands: The art of compost - 02/11/2019

The key to a successful organic garden is a friable soil full of compost. If you want to do it at home, gere are the simple principles.

Clique para acessar Know the Importance, Advantages and Different Methods of Composting - 31/10/2019

COMPOSTING in general is a natural process of rottingdecomposition of organic substance by microorganisms under controlled conditions. Various raw organic materials like food garbage, crop residues, animal wastes, municipal wastes & suitable industrial wastes, improve their suitability for application to the soil as a fertilizing resource, after having undergone composting.

Clique para acessar Main Brook-based entrepreneur developing innovative composting method - 31/10/2019

An economist and an entrepreneur with an environmental conscience, his modus operandi involves acquiring byproducts from other businesses, so it doesn‘t go to waste, and turning it into a new product for the market.

Clique para acessar Mary Lowther column: Secrets of the compost pile - 31/10/2019

If youre an organic gardener, youve heard a lot about composting.

Clique para acessar Leaf composting in New York - 31/10/2019

The New York City Sanitation Department wants your fallen leaves. The city collects leaves to turn into compost.

Clique para acessar A Glossary of Plastic Packaging - 31/10/2019

From its onset, the sustainability era has posed a dilemma for users of plastic packaging: how to retain the benefits of plastics and yet be regarded as environmentally responsible.

Clique para acessar Reuse and recycling are key to tackling Europes waste problem and to foster a more circular economy - 29/10/2019

Improved circular and climate-friendly business models and policies to boost reuse and recycling, plus improved consumer awareness will help the European Union tackle the growing problem posed by plastic, battery, electronic and textile waste, according to two European Environment Agency (EEA) briefings published today.

Clique para acessar Vermicompost gaining popularity - 29/10/2019

Vermicomposting, the natural process of converting organic wastes into fertilisers using earthworms, is bringing extra income to many farmers in Rangamati.

Clique para acessar MRF Operations Forum: Improving the MRFwith no money - 24/10/2019

Several ways MRFs can improve throughput and uptime without making investments in new equipment.

Clique para acessar Plastic reduced as hort industry looks at compost wraps - 24/10/2019

WASTE packaging could be reduced within the horticulture industry with the release of a fully compostable shrink-wrap for cucumbers.

Clique para acessar Bird control best practices for landfills - 24/10/2019

Birds can be unwelcomed guests at landfills, but solutions exist to keep them from becoming permanent residents.

Clique para acessar Norfolk uses new compost machine for residential use - 20/10/2019

The Norfolk Transfer Station has made use of a new composting machine this year that turns yard waste into a beneficial organic compost for residential use.

Clique para acessar Singapore Is Only Recycling a Tiny Fraction of Its Plastic Waste - 13/10/2019

Just 4 of Singapores plastic waste was recycled last year Singapores total recycling rate decreased to 60 in 2018

Clique para acessar Turkish DRS could increase recycling rates by 253 per cent, says report - 13/10/2019

The introduction of a deposit return scheme (DRS) in Turkey could increase drinks container recycling by 253 per cent, according to a new report from Eunomia Research and Consulting.

Clique para acessar Big business ‘avoiding eco- friendly packaging due to cost‘ - 13/10/2019

Consumers must be willing to put more pressure on the big food firms, according to those already using eco-friendly packaging.

Clique para acessar Whats next with waste management? - 13/10/2019

THE EDITOR: The global climate strike from September 20 to 27 was a call to action for people to make the problem of climate change and global warming impossible to ignore this call rippled across the globe with over 7.6 million participants.

Clique para acessar Save money by composting, Powell River its easier than you think - 13/10/2019

A little bit of effort to compost properly can produce great fertilizer for plants

Clique para acessar Make your own compost at home to help the environment - 13/10/2019

THE COUNCIL is encouraging residents to make their own compost at home to help the environment.

Clique para acessar Most organic waste ending up in landfills, not suitable as compost - 13/10/2019

Contrary to popular belief, and also contrary to the Wasteserv website, organic waste which is transformed into compost-like material is not being used as such.

Clique para acessar New Marinatex wins award for solving many plastic problems - 13/10/2019

Lucy Hughes from the University of Sussex has won the James Dyson Award for designing MarinaTex a bioplastic made of organic fish waste ordinarily destined for landfillincineration, and locally sourced red algae. Unlike many other bioplastics it will degrade harmlessly in a garden compost bin after just four to six weeks.

Clique para acessar A look at efforts in New Jersey to combat climate change - 13/10/2019

With climate change becoming a global focus, many people here in New Jersey are doing their part to protect the planet.

Clique para acessar Implement complete ban on plastic usage, officials told NGT - 13/10/2019

Kurnool: National Green Tribunal state committee chairman Justice B Seshasayana Reddy directed the officials to ensure complete ban on the usage of plastic.

Clique para acessar UVic alum creates a solution to smelly compost bins - 13/10/2019

BinBreeze make composting a more user-friendly experience by reducing odor and fruit flies

Clique para acessar Eco-tip: Focus of composting may change from backyard to business - 13/10/2019

Compost happens, said a bumper sticker I saw, twisting a similar, less optimistic phrase.

Clique para acessar Waste-to-energy tech in Iloilo eyed - 12/10/2019

ILOILO CITY The Iloilo provincial government is exploring a possible partnership with the city government here for a joint solid waste management program and adoption of waste-to-energy technology.

Clique para acessar Indias first e-waste clinic to be set up in Bhopal - 12/10/2019

The Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) have joined hands to set up the countrys first e-waste clinic here, that would enable segregation, processing and disposal of waste from both household and commercial units.

Clique para acessar Plastic has a problem is chemical recycling the solution? - 07/10/2019

Under public pressure, plastics makers are increasingly looking to partner with companies to develop chemical recycling processes

Clique para acessar A diverse approach improves waste reduction and recycling - 07/10/2019

I asked my 84-year-old grandmother if she was going to start composting again at her new house. She stared back at me as if I was speaking another language. You see, it wasnt that my grandma didnt know what composting was, she just didnt use that term.

Clique para acessar The art of making brown gold - 07/10/2019

Tree shaded parks, roads and houses, flowing lawns, a profusion of flowering and flamboyantly foliaged shrubs Walla Walla is green.

Clique para acessar The art of making brown gold - 07/10/2019

Tree shaded parks, roads and houses, flowing lawns, a profusion of flowering and flamboyantly foliaged shrubs Walla Walla is green.

Clique para acessar Corporations micro composting units turn mini dumping sites - 07/10/2019

The Chennai Corporation initiated its zero waste management drive a few months ago by setting up mini compost yards in city parks. However, persistent civic issues have led to residents in various areas complaining about problems caused by the units set up as part of decentralised waste management.

Clique para acessar New Technologies Driving the Energy from Waste Industry - 07/10/2019

Energy from Waste is playing an increasingly important role in the move to a more circular economy. Key topics in this move will be discussed at the 12th annual Energy from Waste Conference in London from the 3rd 4th December this year.

Clique para acessar These Israeli Are Finding Alternatives To Plastic, Heres How Their Efforts Can Inspire Indians - 07/10/2019

Its high time that 1.3 billion Indians should be on a war footing against plastic. There are debates about who should begin first. Should the government impose banshould the people change their habits to end dependence on unnecessary single-use plastic.

Clique para acessar Turning waste into wealth - 07/10/2019

How does one turn waste to wealth? How can you become a millionaire just by collecting and processing waste? In this article, I will share with you some businesses you can start to wealth from waste.

Clique para acessar Japan to launch waste management support program for developing countries - 07/10/2019

The Japanese government will launch a waste management support program for developing countries, said Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during the opening of the annual International Forum of Science and Technology in Society in Kyoto.

Clique para acessar Unilever to Halve Use of New Plastic as Uproar Over Waste Grows - 07/10/2019

Unilever pledged to halve its use of newly made plastic by 2025 as the consumer-goods industry wrestles with growing criticism of the environmental impact of throwaway packaging.

Clique para acessar Chinas Ban on Importing World Waste Has Caused a Major Bottleneck in Global Recycling - 07/10/2019

As the materials used in plastic, paper and other recycling gets more complicated, so does the method to recycle it. The change from self-sorting to single stream has made the notion of recycling change as well. And now that China has stopped importing recycling, effects are being felt in multiple countries.

Clique para acessar Ingenuity talks: Is waste-to-energy part of a sustainable future? - 07/10/2019

In a world with a growing population and increasing consumption, there is a pressing need to use our resources in the best possible way. This involves reducing waste generation, ensuring high-quality recycling, and using residual waste for efficient and clean energy generation at waste-to-energy facilities. Listen to Rambolls podcast about ideas that help solve global problems.

Clique para acessar Food Waste Composting Machine Market 2019 By Advancements, Application, Challenges, Trends, Top Key Players, Growth & Forecast Till 2025 - 06/10/2019

The Food Waste Composting Machine Market research report added by Market Study Report, LLC, provides a succinct analysis on the recent market trends. In addition, the report offers a thorough abstract on the statistics, market estimates and revenue forecasts, which further highlights its position in the industry, in tandem with the growth strategies adopted by leading industry players.

Clique para acessar Kiwi brewery launches carbon zero beer in a bid to cut emissions - 06/10/2019

With industry across the country challenged to cut carbon emissions, breweries are making moves to reduce their footprint.

Clique para acessar 12,000 pounds of Kaladi coffee grounds head for composting project - 06/10/2019

Coffee grounds can really add up for a business that specializes in making coffee. Michele Parkhurst, chief operating officer of Kaladi Brothers Coffee, says their cafes typically generate between 200 and 300 pounds of coffee grounds every day.

Clique para acessar Hyderabads first bio-methanisation plant inaugurated in Serilingampally Zone - 06/10/2019

Hyderabads first bio-methanisation plant was inaugurated at Deepthisri Nagar garbage transfer station in Chandanagar of Serilingampally Zone.

Clique para acessar LG inaugurates SDMC‘s two waste management machines - 06/10/2019

New Delhi: Anil Baijal, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, on Saturday inaugurated South Delhi Municipal Corporation‘s (SDMC) two TPD aerobic composters in East of Kailash and Chirag Dilli respectively.

Clique para acessar Protests erupt against proposed waste plant in NW Russia - 23/09/2019

MOSCOW Several thousand people took to the streets across northwest Russia on Sunday to protest a controversial plan to build a major waste plant there.

Clique para acessar Conservation Conversation: Bioplastics to the rescue? - 22/09/2019

From the depths of the Mariana Trench to the salt on our tables, plastic pollution has infiltrated our planet. Plastic is a material designed to be thrown away without considering the fact that away does not exist. Due to this fundamental design flaw, over 270 species of mammals, reptiles and fish, many of which are rare and endangered, have been harmed by plastic in some way.

Clique para acessar Where have all the flowers gone? Gone to compost, every one - 22/09/2019

To everything there is a season, and the season of Edmonds colorful hanging flower baskets has come to a close. The baskets have been looking increasingly tired as autumn settles in, and the once-colorful annuals take on a withered look and complete their life cycle by setting seed and dying back.

Clique para acessar More plastics recycling in Europe - 22/09/2019

Alliance of 100 organizations and companies / Target: 10 million tons of recycled plastics per year starting 2025

Clique para acessar Lifting the lid on the mysteries of recycling - 22/09/2019

One of the few positives from Victorias recycling crisis is that more people are looking for ways to less waste and recycle more. So our patchwork of recycling options is growing, but you have to be motivated and organised to use it.

Clique para acessar Exposing The Myth Of Plastic Recycling: Why A Majority Is Burned Or Thrown In A Landfill - 22/09/2019

Many Americans go through great pains to recycle plastic. But much of that plastic isnt recycled at all. In fact, the idea that plastics are refashioned into new products is largely a myth, Sharon Lerner writes in The Intercept.

Clique para acessar Five recycling myths consumers get wrong - 19/09/2019

Recycling can be confusing for many consumers, from recognising different symbols to understanding the current state of recycling infrastructures in the UK. To help make this clearer, Packaging Gateway has assembled some of the top recycling myths that need to be debunked.

Clique para acessar Stop Pretending Your Trash Is Recyclable - 19/09/2019

If youve ever stood in front of your recycling binunsure if the trash in your hands is recyclableand threw it in anyway, this article is for you.

Clique para acessar The Minimalist Beauty Company Tackling The Industrys Waste Problem - 19/09/2019

The beauty industry is far from pretty when it comes to its impact on the environment.

Clique para acessar Whats the future of waste-to-energy facility in the Philippines? - 19/09/2019

Many investors are becoming more interested in investing in waste-to-energy (WTE) facility, after the Department of Energy (DOE) approved the countrys first WTE facility last year in Palawan.

Clique para acessar Tender dispute disrupts City of Cape Towns waste recycling - 19/09/2019

City still to appoint managers of drop-off facilities

Clique para acessar Mumbai Woman Is Showing India How To Recycle Tetra Pak Cartons & Turn Them Into School Benches - 18/09/2019

Depending on whom you ask, Mumbai generates around an average 10,000 metric tonnes of waste every day, of which 73 is biodegradable food, vegetable and fruit waste which can easily be recycled. Only about 3 of the total waste is actually plastic, according to a BMC report.

Clique para acessar Jumping worms identified in Monroe County - 18/09/2019

An aggressive, invasive type of earthworm known as a jumping worm has been identified in Monroe County. These are no ordinary worms. When they are disturbed, jumping worms thrash violently, slither like snakes and even jump into the air.

Clique para acessar Draft National Norms and Standards for Organic Waste Composting - 18/09/2019

On 4 September 2019, the Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries published the Draft National Norms and Standards for Organic Waste Composting under the National Environmental Management Act: Waste Act, 2008 (NEMWA) and National Waste Management Strategy (NWMS) for comment.

Clique para acessar The science behind composting - 18/09/2019

We have all surely crossed paths with those orange-capped garbage cans that decorate Concordias campuses. Little hubs for our biodegradable waste, the list of things we can put in them is particular but easy!

Clique para acessar IN DEPTH: Berkeley Labs Infinite Loop for Recyclable Plastics - 18/09/2019

Researchers at Berkeley Lab in California have developed a next generation plastic which can be recycled indefinitely on a molecular level, allowing it to be formed back into new products of any shapecolour with no degradation.

Clique para acessar Is Compost the Secret to Making Ag Climate Friendly? - 18/09/2019

A new study finds that adding compost to farmland can offer deep benefits for storing carbon and building healthy soils.

Clique para acessar Research reveals vital clues about recycling in the evolution of life in our universe - 18/09/2019

New research by Kent astrophysicists reveals vital clues about the role recycling plays in the formation of life in our universe.

Clique para acessar London‘s recycling rate well below national average: report - 18/09/2019

LONDON, Sept. 17 (Xinhua) Just a third of domestic waste generated by homes in London is currently being recycled, City Hall said Tuesday on the eve of a major summit to discuss recycling in the British capital.

Clique para acessar Recycling old tyres to make sandals in Ethiopia - 18/09/2019

Cobblers in Ethiopia‘s southern region are making shoes and sandals in a unique way... by recycling used tyres.

Clique para acessar Waste incineration levels double over five years - 18/09/2019

The amount of municipal and commercial solid waste being incinerated in England has more than doubled since 2013 and has been increasing every year for 10 years, according to data released by DEFRA.

Clique para acessar Plastic-free, edible flight meal trays designed to reduce airline waste - 18/09/2019

Partially edible, plastic-free in-flight meal trays have been designed to reduce airline waste and encourage businesses and travellers to address the issue.

Clique para acessar Waste Warriors - 18/09/2019

Dutch fresh produce supplier Spica is focused on sustainability and reducing food waste with its soft fruit venture Oberries. Michael Barker caught up with team lead Omar Ehab to find out more

Clique para acessar How to Reduce Single-Use Plastics in Your Office - 15/09/2019

At Glandore, we know green. In fact, our Cork location was the first flexible workspace in Ireland to provide a plastic-free initiative, which you can read more about here. Glandore has written on the benefits of an eco-friendly officebefore, but this time were taking a deeper dive into one of the most important issues facing our planet today: the threat of non-biodegradable, single-use plastics. Weve compiled some comprehensive (and relatively cost-effective) ways to reduce the amount of single-use plastics in your office.

Clique para acessar Noida Authorities Begin Using Plastic Waste In Construction Of Roads - 15/09/2019

The construction work began along both the lanes of the expressway on a 2.5-km-long stretch between Sector 14A and the Filmcity Flyover.

Clique para acessar Philippines joins Southeast Asian nations rejecting plastic waste - 15/09/2019

Government enlists companies‘ aid as it readies 3-month halt on rubbish imports

Clique para acessar How families are making zero-waste parenting a way of life - 15/09/2019

A growing tribe of eco-conscious parents are leaving a smaller carbon footprint by switching to sustainable alternatives for their kids

Clique para acessar Government approves draft law to regulate waste management in Egypt - 15/09/2019

According to the draft law, the new Waste Management Regulatory Authority also aims to boost Egypts relations with countries, regional and international organisations in waste management

Clique para acessar Waste management in primary school curriculum? - 15/09/2019

Educational material for promoting waste management education is being developed and will be ready within three months. The material is expected to encourage students understand the importance of lifestyle based on the concept of circular economy and 4R principles- reduce, reuse, recycle and responsibility.

Clique para acessar Thank God all our household waste gets recycled. - 15/09/2019

It does get recycled, doesnt it? Or is recycling a scam? Are we wasting our time separating things into coloured boxes? Does it just end up in landfill?

Clique para acessar The plastic people still recycle incorrectly and does it really matter? - 15/09/2019

Find out which plastic item most people are incorrectly putting into recycling and whether that‘s a problem. Plus, find out what common packaging symbols mean

Clique para acessar Recyclingcomposting? - 14/09/2019

Using less plastic is a hot topic at the moment. Where possible, and if the product allows for it, papercardboard can replace plastic. Flow packs are a form of packaging where the packaging material weighs relatively little.

Clique para acessar Opinion: How California can a future free of unnecessary plastic waste - 14/09/2019

Our planet is being overwhelmed by single-use plastic waste. Its most visible as litter that pollutes our streets, parks and beaches.

Clique para acessar End-of-waste review: Why waste recyclers could be in for significant cost increases - 14/09/2019

Firms who turn waste into new products could be in line for significant extra costs as a result of the Environment Agencys review of end-of-waste criteria. Conor McGlone investigates

Clique para acessar End-of-waste review: Why waste recyclers could be in for significant cost increases - 14/09/2019

Firms who turn waste into new products could be in line for significant extra costs as a result of the Environment Agencys review of end-of-waste criteria. Conor McGlone investigates

Clique para acessar Ways to handle fall yard waste - 14/09/2019

Fall is a beautiful time in Kentucky gardens, but it can also be a messy time. Tree leaves turn from green to vibrant fall colors and then drop, creating big piles. Then there are the leaves and spent shoots from our flower beds.

Clique para acessar Smart waste treatment - 14/09/2019

The eco-friendly process of management of municipal solid waste (MSW) is achieved by composting the degradable waste, recycling polythene, plastic, metals and glasses, and disposal of the residual waste in the engineered sanitary landfills.

Clique para acessar Viridor to process all plastic recycling in the UK - 14/09/2019

Recycling and waste management company Viridor has announced that from next year it will be processing all of its plastic waste domestically.

Clique para acessar Biodegradable plastics could actually INCREASE sea pollution because they are dumped in rubbish tips - 14/09/2019

Biodegradable plastics could well per chance no doubt INCREASE sea air pollution because theyre dumped in rubbish guidelines the attach they dont ruin down, MPs warn

Clique para acessar Moving to compost: Floral waste turns fertile ground for innovation in Bengaluru - 14/09/2019

More than 40 temples have started turning flowers and kitchen waste into compost.&8203

Clique para acessar How San Francisco turned its waste problem into a climate solution - 14/09/2019

If every city in California launched food composting programs like the citys, it would generate enough compost to pull millions more tons of carbon out of the atmosphere every year.

Clique para acessar Canoe believe it: Plastic waste could be used to make kayaks and milk bottles - 14/09/2019

The Queen‘s University in Belfast is developing innovative ways of converting single-use plastics.

Clique para acessar Waste on the roof of the world - 14/09/2019

In February, China closed its Everest base camp on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau due to waste accumulation (1). Improper garbage disposal and related hazards are not limited to Mount Everest.

Clique para acessar Compost Turning Machine Market 2019 Size, Business Opportunity, New Trends And Outlook By 2025 - 14/09/2019

Compost Turning Machine Markets 2019 Global Industry Research Report provides market size, industry growth, development trends, investment plans, business ideas and forecasts by 2025.

Clique para acessar Entsorga Touts Facility That Turns Municipal Waste Into Coal Substitute - 14/09/2019

Burning coal to generate energy pollutes the air. Burying trash in landfills doesnt improve water quality, either.

Clique para acessar No time like the present to start composting - 14/09/2019

October is usually the time of year that our temperature changes from warm to cooler, if not frost. This in turn signals a change in the look of most gardens, from full-on bursting with foliage and flowers to slimmed downbare boned, even somewhat skeletal.

Clique para acessar Recycling necessary despite new challenges - 14/09/2019

Local environmental activists have been sharing through Facebook and forwarding via email an article published by a British newspaper about a month ago. In the inflammatory style of a controversial expos, The Guardian newspaper titled its article, Americans plastic recycling is dumped in landfills, investigation shows.

Clique para acessar 46 battery operated vehicles for waste collection - 14/09/2019

The government has sanctioned battery operated vehicles for waste collection in town panchayat areas.

Clique para acessar El mejor residuo, el que no se genera - 03/07/2020

‘Zero Zabor Uretan‘. La campaa que pretende concienciar sobre la problemtica de las basuras marinas e implicar a la ciudadana arranc ayer en Hondarribia

Clique para acessar Recoleccin diferenciada de residuos: es clave entender para qu se hace - 03/07/2020

Si se realiza y gestiona de manera adecuada la separacin en origen y recoleccin diferenciada son claves en la lucha contra el cambio climtico. Cmo se separa?, cmo es el proceso?, por qu es un beneficio ambiental y social?

Clique para acessar Los residuos de la pandemia suponen un reto para el medioambiente - 03/07/2020

Guantes, mascarillas y otros productos sanitarios utilizados durante la pandemia del coronavirus se han transformado en residuos y han llegado al medio natural, donde no slo representan una incmoda presencia visual, tambin plantean un desafo de carcter ambiental.

Clique para acessar La nueva planta de tratamiento y compostaje de materia orgnica de Valdemingmez recibe autorizacin de la Comunidad - 03/07/2020

El Boletn Oficial de la Comunidad de Madrid (BOCM) ha publicado este mircoles la resolucin por la que se otorga la Autorizacin Ambiental Integrada relativa a una nueva planta de tratamiento de los flujos de materia orgnica (planta de compostaje) del Parque Tecnolgico de Valdemingmez.

Clique para acessar Las ventas de vehculos elctricos resisten este ao el golpe de la Covid-19 al mercado mundial de automviles - 02/07/2020

Se espera que la cantidad de vehculos elctricos en circulacin llegue a casi 10 millones este ao, ya que las ventas crecern este ao a pesar de la pandemia de la Covid-19, segn un nuevo informe de la Agencia Internacional de Energa.

Clique para acessar bp Statistical Review of World Energy 2020: un momento crucial - 02/07/2020

La edicin de este ao del informe Statistical Review of World Energy 2020 de bp, que recopila y analiza los datos de la energa en 2019, destaca las tendencias energticas mundiales que surgieron antes de la actual pandemia del Covid-19.

Clique para acessar Un centro de economa circular para transformar purines de las granjas en fertilizantes y biogs - 22/06/2020

La Xunta regar con 525 millones de euros la iniciativa que podra generar 820 empleos directos


Con fecha de hoy se ha publicado en el BOE el Real Decreto 553/2020 por el que se regula, clarifica e incrementa el control en el traslado de residuos en el interior del territorio espa&241ol, en desarrollo del artculo 25 de la Ley 22/2011, de 28 de julio, de residuos y suelos contaminados.

Clique para acessar Una nueva planta dar solucin a la deposicin final de residuos en Rocha por unos 70 aos - 22/06/2020

Los desechos se enfardarn y sern colocados en celdas a tres metros de profundidad.

Clique para acessar Buque transporta cargamento de 25 mil toneladas con biogs licuado - 22/06/2020

ESL Shipping, la principal compa&241a de transporte de cargas secas a granel en la regin del Bltico, anunci recientemente que su embarcacin m/s Viikki fue alimentada con biogs licuado renovable (LBG) al 100 en Raahe, Finlandia, para transportar mineral de hierro para la compa&241a sueca de acero SSAB.

Clique para acessar "Un ocano de plstico", nos muestra la dura realidad con los residuos - 15/06/2020

Un ocano de Plstico empez a rodarse en 2011 como un documental absolutamente diferente a lo que termin siendo. Craig Leeson, director de cine, periodista y amante de la naturaleza, se haba propuesto mostrarle al mundo la maravillosa ballena azul.

Clique para acessar El reciclaje, pese a los avances, es una asignatura pendiente en Espaa: slo recicla el 36 de los residuos - 15/06/2020

Cada vez hay ms empresas concienciadas con la sostenibilidad, pero an hay tarea: el Gobierno tambin se ha sumado lanzando la Estrategia Espaola de Economa Circular y el anteproyecto de ley de residuos.

Clique para acessar Las opciones que baraja el reciclaje en Chile ante la fuerte cada por el Covid - 11/06/2020

Cierre de puntos limpios y disminucin de hasta 40 a nivel industrial es el panorama de una actividad que iba en aumento, producto de cambios culturales y la nueva Ley de Reciclaje. Pero ya se estn generando iniciativas para que no se retroceda en lo ganado.

Clique para acessar Com biquni feSOS Hbitat lanz desafo Yo composto en casaito de lixo, Camila Queiroz diz: Quero incentivar aes como essa - 09/06/2020

Desde la asociacin civil SOS Hbitat lanzaron por estos das un desafo para hacer en casa en sintona con el aislamiento social que la pandemia impuso. Se trata de impulsar el compostaje.

Clique para acessar Impulsan la instalacin de una compostera municipal en el Mercado Central de Buenos Aires - 09/06/2020

La iniciativa cuenta con el apoyo de la cartera nacional de Ambiente, a cargo de Cabandi. Se estima que alrededor de 18.200 toneladas de residuos podran ser tratadas anualmente por sistemas de compostaje o biogs: unas 50 toneladas por da.

Clique para acessar Compostaje, una forma de practicar la responsabilidad ambiental - 09/06/2020

Soluciones como esta demuestran que todos, en menor o mayor medida, podemos hacer algo por el cuidado del planeta

Clique para acessar La basura de la pandemia infesta ya mar y tierra - 02/06/2020

La emergencia multiplica el uso de productos desechables y sanitarios, y aade un desafo ms a la contaminacin por plsticos y la economa circular

Clique para acessar Expertos avisan de que el elevado uso de material por la pandemia obliga a mejorar el reciclaje - 02/06/2020

Advierten del impacto que un rebrote tendra en el sector turstico y en la reputacin del territorio - La peticin de la fase 3 depender de la evolucin

Clique para acessar Los tapabocas que bota son ms que residuos - 02/06/2020

Si los cerca de tres millones de habitantes que tiene Medelln usaran tapabocas desechables diarios, siguiendo las medidas obligatorias al utilizar el transporte pblico desde el 6 de abril, se estaran utilizando cada mes ms de 75 millones.

Clique para acessar Mascarillas y guantes a la basura: &191a qu cubo y cmo debemos tirarlos en casa? - 02/06/2020

Siempre deben ir a la basura orgnica, tomando especiales precauciones y metindolos en tres bolsas si se trata de residuos que han usado personas en cuarentena o positivos de coronavirus

Clique para acessar Sigue el bloqueo de los recicladores y no habr recoleccin de residuos - 01/06/2020

Los trabajadores continan con la protesta en el acceso al basural. Tambin peligra el servicio de este viernes a la maana

Clique para acessar Todo lo que debe saber sobre residuos en tiempo de SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) - 01/06/2020

Lineamientos a tener en cuenta para la separacin, manejo, recoleccin en el servicio pblico de aseo y la gestin de los residuos slidos en el estado de emergencia generado por el SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19). (Ver Archivo)

Clique para acessar Gua para mejorar la calidad de los plsticos reciclados - 01/06/2020

La asociacin europea de recicladores plsticos, European Plastics Recyclers, informa de la actualizacin de la gua para la caracterizacin de residuos para mejorar la calidad de los plsticos reciclados.

Clique para acessar La Comisin Europea publica el estudio "Orientacin para la recogida selectiva de residuos municipales" - 01/06/2020

Con directrices para ayudar y facilitar a los Estados miembros la recogida selectiva de residuos

Clique para acessar Guantes y mascarillas al suelo: horas de uso, cientos de aos en desaparecer - 01/06/2020

Un grupo de quince voluntarios han retirado este sbado del muelle del Pors 145 kilos de residuos

Clique para acessar Piden que la economa circular lidere la recuperacin tras COVID-19 - 30/05/2020

Madrid.- La Confederacin Europea de Industrias de Reciclaje (EuRIC), la Federacin Europea de Gestin de Residuos y Servicios Ambientales (FEAD) y la Confederacin de Plantas de Valorizacin Energtica de Residuos Europeas (CEWEP) hicieron un llamado para que el Pacto Verde europeo y el nuevo Plan de Accin de Economa Circular lideren la recuperacin posterior al COVID-19.

Clique para acessar Josep Maria Tost: "Con la pandemia hemos generado menos residuos y reciclado ms" - 30/05/2020

Josep Maria Tost, director de la Agencia de Residuos de Catalunya, coordina los recursos que hacen posible sacarnos de encima once millones de toneladas anuales de desperdicios y residuos, de los cuales se intenta reciclar el mximo posible con el objetivo final de "residuos cero". "La economa ser circular o no ser" asegura con conviccin.

Clique para acessar Gua de buenas prcticas para el trabajo seguro de los recicladores de base en tiempos de COVID-19 - 29/05/2020

n el contexto de la emergencia generada por el COVID-19, las autoridades de la mayora de los pases de la regin priorizaron en una primera instancia la visin sanitarista en relacin a la gestin de residuos, declarando como esencial la recoleccin y disposicin de estos, y dejando transitoriamente en segundo plano -incluso en suspensin- las actividades de recuperacin y aprovechamiento de residuos reciclables.

Clique para acessar ONU - La gestin de residuos como servicio esencial en Amrica Latina y el Caribe - 28/05/2020

RESUMEN DE POLTICA Proporcionar una respuesta ambientalmente adecuada a la emergencia La gestin de residuos como sector clave para reconstruir mejor.

Clique para acessar Residuos de la pandemia se acumulan en Mxico - 21/05/2020

Los incineradores de desechos ya estn sobrecargados por el flujo de equipos de proteccin desechados y tejidos infecciosos que se generan en medio de la pandemia.

Clique para acessar Trabajan en el protocolo para reabrir las plantas de clasificacin de residuos - 21/05/2020

La situacin de los clasificadores es grave a raz de la pandemia por COVID-19.

Clique para acessar La labor del sector de los residuos es discreta, pero esencial en este momento - 21/05/2020

Garantizar la proteccin de los trabajadores y la operatividad del proceso son las mximas ante el covid, indica Javier Domnguez Lino, presidente de Sogama

Clique para acessar Valdemingmez trata hasta 588 toneladas de residuos sanitarios potencialmente infecciosos - 21/05/2020

El parque tecnolgico de Valdemingmez ha tratado hasta el momento 588 toneladas de residuos sanitarios de tipo 3, potencialmente infecciosos, ha informado el delegado de Medio Ambiente y Movilidad, Borja Carabante, en la comisin semipresencial del ramo, despus del "colapso" de las tres instalaciones especializadas para el tratamiento de estos residuos ubicadas en la Comunidad.

Clique para acessar Teresa Ribera: Economa circular es el pilar de la recuperacin econmica - 21/05/2020

La estrategia espaola de economa circular situar por debajo de los 10 millones de toneladas las emisiones de gases invernadero generados por residuos, de acuerdo a la vicepresidenta cuarta, Teresa Ribera.

Clique para acessar Hacer compost, una buena manera de transformar los residuos orgnicos - 21/05/2020

La comuna capitalina promueve la prctica del reciclaje en los hogares para ayudar al medio ambiente.

Clique para acessar Da del reciclaje: residuos electrnicos contaminarn planeta por hasta mil aos tras su vida til - 21/05/2020

Este domingo 17 de mayo se celebra a nivel internacional el Da del Reciclaje, motivo por el cual la Fundacin Chilenter, dedicada a la reutilizacin o reacondicionamiento de productos electrnicos, resalt la importancia de esta prctica con fines medioambientales.

Clique para acessar Menos capacidad de reciclar y ms consumo de plstico: los efectos del coronavirus en la basura espaola - 13/05/2020

La contencin de la covid-19 ha cambiado el modo en el que se gestionan los residuos espaoles, eliminando la separacin manual de las plantas de triaje, lo que limita las posibilidades de salvar una mayor cantidad de materiales para el reciclado.

Clique para acessar La cuarentena dispara el volumen de basura a cifras previas a la recogida selectiva - 13/05/2020

- Desde 2017 la tendencia era de reduccin de residuos orgnicos gracias al compostaje -Sin contagios en la plantilla del servicio

Clique para acessar Carbn activado a partir de residuos para su uso en sistemas de almacenamiento energtico y tratamiento de gases y agua - 13/05/2020

El proyecto CircularCarbn busca aplicar el concepto de economa circular a la obtencin de carbn activado a partir de residuos abundantes en la Comunitat Valenciana, usando al mismo tiempo fuentes de energa renovable en el proceso.

Clique para acessar Taller de Manualidades con Reciclaje - 13/05/2020

Coni Mihovilovic ensear, a travs de una clase online, diferentes manualidades con desechos para volver a utilizarlos, con el objetivo de disminuir la cantidad de basura que se deposita en el medio ambiente. Esta actividad ser todos los lunes a las 11:30 horas en el Instagram de la Direccin de Asuntos Estudiantiles (@daeuddstgo).

Clique para acessar Qu hacer con la fauna silvestre en sitios urbanos? - 11/05/2020

Afectacin del COVID-19 hace que la fauna silvestre retome espacios

Clique para acessar Emaseo pide a los quiteos reciclar cartn, plstico, papel, y reducir la produccin de desechos dos trabajadores fallecieron por covid-19 - 11/05/2020

Para proteger al personal que forma parte de los servicios prioritarios que no se han detenido durante la emergencia sanitaria, declarada el pasado 11 de marzo, Emaseo pide a los quiteos frenar su produccin de desechos slidos y separar el papel, cartn y plstico, guardarlo en casa y entregrselo posteriormente a los recicladores, que viven de estos materiales.

Clique para acessar La tradicin de Mazda en el uso de materiales reciclados - 11/05/2020

La marca japonesa lleva tres dcadas usando plstico reciclado en sus coches. El nuevo Mx-30 100 elctrico ser el mximo exponente de esta tradicin gracias al bioplstico.

Clique para acessar Ministerio del Ambiente aprueba protocolos para la reactivacin del servicio de reciclaje - 11/05/2020

El Ministerio del Ambiente define las actividades del servicio de reciclaje y establece medidas de prevencin para el personal que las desarrolla ante el coronavirus.

Clique para acessar La falta de reciclaje incrementa el precio de papel y cartn recuperados - 11/05/2020

Clique para acessar El reciclaje de orgnicos subi un 55 en el primer trimestre respecto al ao pasado - 11/05/2020

El Ayuntamiento de Castrilln simplificar los trmites para que los vecinos se hagan con la tarjeta de los contenedores marrones

Clique para acessar Cmo se realiza la recoleccin de residuos en la Antrtida? - 11/05/2020

Cientficos y militares cumplen funciones claves en el Continente Blanco, siempre respetando el entorno. Pero qu tratamiento reciben los residuos que se arrojan en las bases nacionales y en las extranjeras? existen acuerdos sobre este tema?

Clique para acessar Ha acumulado residuos reciclables en estos das? Desgase de ellos de manera responsable desde este fin de semana - 11/05/2020

Es posible que, con varias semanas de estar en casa, usted haya acumulado bastantes residuos reciclajes como botellas de refresco, latas, recipientes y botellas de champ, entre otros.

Clique para acessar Llaman a no reciclar mascarillas por peligro de contagio de Covid-19 - 10/05/2020

La presencia de mascarillas, guantes u otros insumos mdicos en puntos limpios representa un riesgo de contagio por Covid-19 para los recicladores de base que siguen trabajando.

Clique para acessar La formacin online despega por el confinamiento y la necesidad del reciclaje profesional, segn Cursos CCC - 10/05/2020

El confinamiento ha hecho posible el despegue de la formacin online. Cursos CCC, empresa especializada en educacin a distancia con ms de 40 aos de experiencia en el sector, desvela las claves de este fenmeno

Clique para acessar Aplausos especiales e instrumentos reciclados de La Msica del Reciclaje - 29/04/2020

El lutier de esta peculiar orquesta de Ecoembes, ha elaborado varios tutoriales para ensear a los ms pequeos cmo crear un aplaudidor a travs de materiales reciclados o instrumentos hechos de envases que podemos encontrar en nuestras casas.

Clique para acessar El reciclaje de envases de acero en Europa alcanza la cifra histrica del 82,5 - 29/04/2020

El reciclaje de envases de acero en Europa ha alcanzado un nuevo mximo histrico del 82,5, segn las cifras emitidas por APEAL, la Asociacin de Productores Europeos de Acero para Envases.

Clique para acessar Los romanos tambin inventaron el reciclaje: la basura de Pompeya lo demuestra - 29/04/2020

Un nuevo estudio realizado en la ciudad sepultada por la erupcin del Vesubio pone de manifiesto que en la Antigua Roma eran maestros en reciclar sus propios desechos

Clique para acessar Aimplas desarrolla procesos de reciclado basados en enzimas que degradan los plsticos un 70 - 29/04/2020

El proyecto Enzplast2 se centra en el uso de enzimas para diferentes aplicaciones en el sector del plstico para el desarrollo de nuevos procesos, ms sostenibles y alineados con una qumica verde

Clique para acessar Cada enfermo de coronavirus genera en promedio 2.2 kilos de residuos peligrosos diarios: Mxico acumula 300 toneladas por la pandemia - 29/04/2020

Los cubrebocas tienen una vida til de tres horas, pero tardan aos en degradarse

Clique para acessar As puedes hacer composta en botellas, ideal para espacios pequeos - 29/04/2020

La composta es un abono perfecto y muy nutritivo para tus plantas aprende a hacerla en botellas, cuantas veces quieras

Clique para acessar Reducir los residuos en cuarentena - 29/04/2020

El compost elaborado con restos orgnicos es una fuente de nutrientes para plantas y cultivos. Una alternativa que permitira reducir un 50 los residuos domiciliarios urbanos.

Clique para acessar Darn un taller para aprender compostaje va Zoom - 29/04/2020

El Municipio de San Isidro y la Fundacin Regenerar ensearn qu hacer con residuos orgnicos y hmedos en poca de cuarentena.

Clique para acessar Seis cursos online de maestra en compostaje - 29/04/2020

Amigos de la Tierra organiza seis cursos de maestra en compostaje, ahora en formato online debido a la crisis sanitaria, a travs de los cuales se crearn puestos de empleo en diferentes municipios de Galicia y la Comunidad de Madrid.

Clique para acessar Gran tiradero de basura y cacharros a un costado del arroyo Los Limones tiene ms de 4 aos - 29/04/2020

San Jos del Cabo.- En un recorrido realizado por el equipo de CPS Noticias por la cabecera municipal se detect un gran tiradero de basura domstica as como cacharros y ramas a un costado del arroyo Los Limones, como referencia a espaldas de la colonia San Bernab, mismo tiradero que tiene ms de 4 aos, as lo seal el ciudadano Armando Prez:

Clique para acessar Para los chicos Huerta en familia: cmo hacer compost desde cero y organizar semillas - 29/04/2020

Hacer abono es una manera de volver a conectar con la tierra y lo natural sin salir de casa.

Clique para acessar Barcelona lanza un plan de choque en los barrios ms castigados por el coronavirus - 21/04/2020

Se intensificar la presencia de la Urbana y se reforzar la informacin sobre limpieza, proteccin y confinamiento


Todos sabemos ahora que mantener nuestras manos limpias es una de las formas ms efectivas de evitar el contagio por coronavirus. Pero, qu sucede cuando tu trabajo consiste en ensuciarte las manos?

Clique para acessar El 90 de espaoles considera que reciclar es importante para el medio ambiente - 08/03/2020

De acuerdo con el Barmetro Social IPSOS, realizado con motivo de la conmemoracin del Da Mundial del Medio Ambiente, que tuvo lugar el pasado 5 de junio, 9 de cada 10 espaoles considera que el reciclaje es importante para el entorno, y slo el 5 manifiesta no segregar residuo alguno.

Clique para acessar Cientficos producen bioplsticos a partir de residuos agroindustriales - 08/03/2020

A partir de materiales que se desechan en industrias, un grupo de cientficos de distintos pases de Sudamrica y Europa logr obtener bioplsticos, productos completamente biodegradables que permitirn reemplazar las materias primas derivadas del petrleo.

Clique para acessar Convenio permite transformar prendas de ropa en combustible alternativo - 08/03/2020

La alianza de Coactiva y Coaniquem permite dar disposicin final a las prendas de ropa y accesorios que no han podido ser vendidos en las tiendas solidarias Coaniquem store, a travs de su co-procesamiento.

Clique para acessar El plstico y nuestra cultura ambiental - 08/03/2020

A partir del primero de enero de este ao entr en efecto en esta metrpoli la normativa de poner fin al uso de las bolsas de plstico en establecimientos comerciales y otros sectores, causando sorpresa y molestia a no pocos regios, acostumbrados a esa facilidad para el manejo de las compras cotidianas.

Clique para acessar Alemania construir una fbrica robotizada para reciclar bateras y motores de coches elctricos - 08/03/2020

A travs del proyecto DeMoBat, financiado por el gobierno alemn, su industria del automvil busca automatizar los procesos de reutilizacin y reciclaje de los componentes de las bateras de traccin y de los motores de los coches elctricos.

Clique para acessar BASF, Fortum y Norilsk Nickel van por proyecto de reciclaje de bateras - 08/03/2020

Varias empresas en Europa se estn preparando para procesar las bateras de los coches elctricos una vez que lleguen al final de su vida til.

Clique para acessar En tres meses, la Argentina import 40 mil toneladas de basura - 15/02/2020

El Gobierno nacional derog este viernes el decreto que permita la importacin de residuos, firmado durante la gestin de Mauricio Macri - que permita importar desechos de otros pases y poda convertir al pas en el basurero del mundo -, y advirti que durante los tres meses que estuvo en vigencia "ingresaron 40 mil toneladas" de desechos.

Clique para acessar Del campo leons al plstico del futuro - 09/02/2020

El Inbiotec trabaja en el proyecto demostrativo ‘Bipolrex‘ junto a la Universidad de Alcal de Henares y el Centro Tecnolgico del Plstico de Valencia, donde se busca generar bioplsticos a partir del residuo de la paja del maiz y la remolacha

Clique para acessar El problema de la basura en Quito visto desde otra perspectiva - 09/02/2020

Uno creera que los plsticos son el nico o el principal problema de la basura en la capital. Pero el asunto de los orgnicos es como para que venga Greta a enojarse con todos nosotros.

Clique para acessar El reciclaje textil aumenta un 23 - 09/02/2020

La Asociacin Humana Fundacin Pueblo para Pueblo ha recogido 36.934 kilos de textil usado en Alboraya durante 2019, que equivalen a 83.000 prendas, para darle una segunda vida a travs de la reutilizacin o el reciclado.

Clique para acessar Estos son los "seores del papel" que manejan el millonario negocio del reciclaje en Espaa - 09/02/2020

La operacin ‘Hartie‘ de la Guardia Civil ha puesto de manifiesto el lucrativo negocio ilegal que se mueve en torno a la recogida de papel y cartn en Espaa. La investigacin dio con 42 rumanos que fueron detenidos, pero que trabajaban para una empresa oficial de manera ilegal.

Clique para acessar Doleiros movimentaram R 5 bi em fraudes na limpeza urbana de SP - 09/02/2020

Os doleiros Hlio Aparecido Xavier da Mota, Vinicius Paes de Figueiredo, o Vini, e Lung Tien The, o Jack foram os responsveis por gerar o dinheiro que abasteceu o esquema de emisso de notas frias descoberto pela Polcia Federal na Operao Chorume, fase 7 da Operao Descarte, investigao sobre fraudes nos contratos de limpeza urbana de so Paulo.

Clique para acessar La UIS impulsa programa para dar valor a los residuos del cacao - 09/02/2020

Se trata de Nextcoa, un proyecto realizado desde las aulas universitarias, para mejorar los ingresos de los productores.

Clique para acessar Vecinos de Vallecas marchan hasta la incineradora de Valdemingmez para exigir al Ayuntamiento su cierre en 2025 - 09/02/2020

Vecinos de Vallecas han exigido este sbado al Ayuntamiento de Madrid el cumplimiento del Plan de Estrategia de Residuos Municipal para el cierre de la incineradora de Valdemingmez en 2025 con una marcha de nueve kilmetros hasta la planta de tratamiento de residuos.

Clique para acessar Las importaciones de residuos estn inundando asia - 02/02/2020

Tailandia es uno de los peores contaminadores plsticos del mundo, pero las empresas locales estn tomando medidas para cambiar eso. Numerosos minoristas, incluidas las tiendas de conveniencia, han dejado de entregar bolsas de plstico de un solo uso a los clientes este ao.

Clique para acessar El primer mundo no sabe dnde echar sus residuos. Filipinas se niega a ser su vertedero - 02/02/2020

Canad se ha comprometido a recoger este jueves las 2.450 toneladas de basura que envi a este pas entre 2013 y 2014. Pese a que este ltimo pas recibe plsticos reciclables sin trazas de materiales txicos, muchos de los contenedores de residuos en sus puertos estn atestados con desechos sin clasificar.

Clique para acessar Las importaciones de residuos estn inundando asia - 02/02/2020

Tailandia es uno de los peores contaminadores plsticos del mundo, pero las empresas locales estn tomando medidas para cambiar eso. Numerosos minoristas, incluidas las tiendas de conveniencia, han dejado de entregar bolsas de plstico de un solo uso a los clientes este ao.

Clique para acessar En Sinaloa: es imposible vivir sin plstico - 02/02/2020

Dos ambientalistas aseguran que el principal factor para el sobreuso de materiales contaminantes es el extremo consumismo que aqueja al sinaloense

Clique para acessar Se vierten en ocanos hasta 12 millones de toneladas de plstico al ao - 02/02/2020

"Por cada cinco kilos de peces que habitan el mar hay un kilo de residuos plsticos"

Clique para acessar Uruguayan project uses virtual money to encourage plastic recycling - 02/02/2020

On a hot summer‘s day in southern Uruguay, Graciela Martinez weighs her plastic waste before dropping it in a designated container by the beach.

Clique para acessar [VIDEO] Campaa para reciclar plstico en las playas de Chile - 02/02/2020

12 Toneladas de botelllas plsticas busca recolectar durante este verano una campaa ambiental en 4 balnearios del pas. Puntos de reciclaje que hoy se encuentran en las comunas de El Quisco y La Serena y con los que se busca que estos envases puedan ser reciclados.

Clique para acessar Se podra llamar a esto reciclaje? - 02/02/2020

En los ltimos tiempos, a pesar de que desde las administraciones y grupos ecologistas se insiste mucho en el reciclaje de productos, vemos como no todo el mundo est por la labor de hacerlo.

Clique para acessar Una joven tucumana transforma paquetes de yerba en billeteras para "salvar" al planeta - 02/02/2020

Luz Villafae forma parte de un grupo de 500 jvenes que participar de una reunin convocada por el Papa Francisco.

Clique para acessar A dnde va la basura del mundo? - 02/02/2020

Asia se convirti en el basurero del mundo. Los pases del primer mundo no dejan de enviar contenedores llenos de sus desechos con destino a pases en va de desarrollo. El problema es cada vez ms difcil de detener, y en lugar de cambiar hbitos, ahora se generan an ms desechos.

Clique para acessar Prohibir las bolsas de plstico de un solo uso genera ms emisiones de CO2, segn un estudio - 27/01/2020

Tres aos despus de prohibir por ley el uso de bolsas de plstico de un solo uso en California, ya hay un 72 menos contaminando las playas

Clique para acessar Lanzan la mayor alianza privada de gestin de residuos slidos en el pas - 27/01/2020

SANTO DOMINGO.- La mayor alianza privada para la gestin eficiente de los residuos slidos en Repblica Dominicana, fue lanzada en una actividad en la que se destacaron sus objetivos, las empresas y las instituciones participantes.

Clique para acessar Cientficos sudcalifornianos inician campaa contra las colillas de cigarro - 27/01/2020

Sumndose a Eco Filter, la Asociacin de Cientficos del Mar busca evitar la contaminacin por colillas en Mxico, enfocndose en los mares de BCS

Clique para acessar Europa quiere un cargador electrnico comn - 27/01/2020

La estandarizacin favorecera a todos los usuarios y servira para reducir las toneladas de residuos que generan estos cables cada ao

Clique para acessar La recogida neumtica, entre las mejores prcticas en la gestin de residuos urbanos identificadas por la CE - 19/01/2020

Un documento encargado por la Comisin Europea sobre las mejores prcticas ambientales en la gestin de residuos valora las ventajas de este sistema de recoleccin subterrnea, especialmente en los nuevos desarrollos urbanos y en reas densamente pobladas.

Clique para acessar Empresa transformar residuos plsticos en energa - 19/01/2020

La compaa tecnolgica Waste2tricity busca producir hidrgeno a partir de residuos plsticos no reciclables, podra procesar hasta 35 toneladas de residuos y producir 3.8 megawatts.

Clique para acessar Mxico no quiere ser verde - 19/01/2020

Hoy son las bolsas de plstico en las tiendas hace un ao fueron los popotes y pronto veremos ms legislacin con foco medioambiental. La constante: nuestro consumo debe cambiar.

Clique para acessar Pinamar sustentable: as son los balnearios, casas y decks construidos con materiales eco-friendly - 19/01/2020

La cooperativa Reciclando Conciencia comenz a producir tablas de madera plstica, eco bloques de telgopor, adoquines de polietileno, entre otros, en un intento de fomentar una produccin y un consumo responsable con el medioambiente

Clique para acessar La ineficacia del actual modelo y las nuevas normativas europeas sobre residuos hacen necesario un cambio en el sistema de gestin de la basura - 12/01/2020

Comproms celebr una charla sobre gestin de residuos en la que participaron el Director General de Calidad y Educacin Ambiental, Joan Piquer Huerga, y la educadora ambiental del municipio de Orba (Alicante), Neus Donet

Clique para acessar Reciclaje: un aluvin de oficinas busca ser sostenible y deja sin existencias a Ecoembes - 12/01/2020

La empresa se ha quedado sin stock de las papeleras azules y amarillas que reparte gratis y tiene ms de 350 peticiones en cola.

Clique para acessar Bolsas de plstico y su relacin con la basura - 12/01/2020

Bolsas de plstico y su relacin con la basura. En Veracruz las bolsas de plstico continan siendo la forma principal en que la poblacin recolecta su basura.

Clique para acessar Realizarn una colecta de residuos plsticos para intervenir el vestuario del Carrusel - 12/01/2020

Los elementos se recibirn desde el 14 de enero al 8 de febrero.

Clique para acessar Mara Ros, la migrante emprendedora que conquista a EEUU con la industria de desperdicios - 12/01/2020

La empresaria migr de El Salvador cuando tena 13 aos. Desde entonces, tuvo como objetivo crear una empresa y liderarla. Ahora es una de las mujeres ms poderosas Fortune y Nation Waste es la punta del iceberg de su imperio que ya cuenta con cinco divisiones.

Clique para acessar Punto Verde, programa de reciclaje en Yucatn - 12/01/2020

En los 200 Puntos Verdes se pueden llevar 11 tipos de desechos, separados desde casa, ah, un responsable los recibe para luego llevarlos a lugares de reciclaje y basureros que no contaminan el subsuelo

Clique para acessar Miln exporta bosque vertical y quiere bosque urbano con 3 millones de rboles - 12/01/2020

Fue durante un viaje a Dubai en los Emiratos rabes Unidos en 2007 que el arquitecto italiano Stefano Boeri tuvo la idea de su proyecto ms famoso. Todos esos rascacielos revestidos de vidrio en el desierto estn locos. El vidrio refleja el calor al espacio pblico, sin mencionar el uso de aire acondicionado. Bosco Verticale naci all ", dijo Hoja.

Clique para acessar Microplsticos: cientficos observan que son millones de veces ms abundantes en el ocano de lo que se pensaba - 23/12/2019

Un trabajo realizado por el Instituto Oceanogrfico Scripps, de EEUU, sugiere que podra haber un milln de veces ms piezas de plstico en el ocano de lo estimado previamente

Clique para acessar Sociedad de slida a lquida - 23/12/2019

Los fenmenos inherentes a la sociedad lquida son abordados en la obra: Vidas desperdiciadas, de Zygmunt Bauman este intelectual afronta una de las paradojas ms inquietantes de la modernidad: la produccin de una cultura de residuos humanos, que comprende, segn este autor, todas poblaciones superfluas de emigrantes, refugiados y dems parias.

Clique para acessar Los residuos de Gibraltar, otra incertidumbre que sumar al temido Brexit - 23/12/2019

Una empresa pblica del Campo de Gibraltar gestiona los residuos slidos urbanos del Pen, unas 30.000 toneladas al ao, un servicio por el que percibe 1,2 millones de euros anuales

Clique para acessar Plsticos biodegradables, solucin falsa a contaminacin: Greenpeace - 23/12/2019

Medidas individuales como el uso de recipientes desechables o bolsas de plstico biodegradables no son efectivas en el combate a la contaminacin, pues representan una solucin falsa, afirm la organizacin Greenpeace Mxico.

Clique para acessar Gracias al compostaje se redujeron ms de 130 mil kilos de basura en la ciudad - 23/12/2019

La direccin municipal de Desarrollo Sustentable, dependiente de la Secretara de Desarrollo Econmico, realiz el jueves pasado el encuentro de fin de ao del taller de compostaje.

Clique para acessar Juez le pone de nuevo fecha al cierre definitivo de El Carrasco - 22/12/2019

Para que el plazo fijado cambie, la Anla debe autorizarle a la Emab la etapa seis y siete de la celda de respaldo uno, sin que esto pueda ocasionar algn derrumbe en el relleno.

Clique para acessar Ya no ms bolsas de plstico de un solo uso - 22/12/2019

La idea sera impulsar Basura Cero y una Economa Circular, es decir, que no haya desperdicios

Clique para acessar Empresa busca resolver reciclaje de vidrio con productos de este material - 22/12/2019

El director de "Cerrando el Ciclo", Jos Luis Prez, explic que al no tener un valor en el mercado, la mayora de la gente prefiere reciclar otros tipos de residuos

Clique para acessar 500.000 euros para una planta de biogs - 22/12/2019

La Lapa ha sido el lugar elegido por AGF Procesos Biogs para crear una planta capaz de gestionar, de forma descentralizada, residuos orgnicos contaminantes para transformarlos en energa.

Clique para acessar Francia reciclar todos los residuos de plstico en 2025 - 22/12/2019

Hace dos noches el pas europeo aprob su ley contra el derroche y por una economa circular". Entre sus objetivos est reducir al 50 la comercializacin de embalajes plsticos de uso nico para 2030 y disminuir de aqu a 2030 la venta de botellas de plstico de uso nico.

Clique para acessar Recolectarn residuos plsticos para fabricar bancos para plazas - 22/12/2019

Hoy y maana desde las 15 distintas organizaciones ambientales convocan a la comunidad a reunirse en el acceso al basural de Rada Tilly para juntar material reciclable.

Clique para acessar La nueva economa de los residuos - 22/12/2019

Las materias primas de las que nos aprovechamos tienen una existencia limitada, misma que cada ao disminuye rpidamente debido al crecimiento poblacional y a un mal diseo para recuperar o reutilizar estos recursos

Clique para acessar A la cola de Espaa en residuos recogidos por habitante al ao - 08/12/2019

Galicia recolect 1,1 millones de toneladas de basura urbana// Anota 414 kilos per cpita

Clique para acessar Ford reciclar los residuos de caf de McDonald‘s para crear piezas de coches - 08/12/2019

Ford va a unirse a McDonald‘s en un proyecto que busca reciclar las cscaras de los granos de caf.

Clique para acessar La Orquesta de la Msica del Reciclaje de Ecoembes ha inaugurado la Award Ceremony Global Youth Video Competition celebrada en la COP25 - 08/12/2019

La Orquesta de La Msica del Reciclaje de Ecoembes ha inaugurado el acto Award Ceremony Global Youth Video Competition 2019 enmarcado dentro del Young And Future Generations Day, que se ha celebrado en la zona azul del IFEMA de Madrid con motivo de la de la XXV Conferencia de las Partes de Cambio Climtico de la ONU (COP25), ofreciendo un mensaje esperanzador y motivador en torno al reciclaje, la sostenibilidad y las nuevas oportunidades a todos los asistentes.

Clique para acessar COP25.- Reciclaje o viajes con menos emisiones, consejos de la ASMP en el marco de la cumbre - 08/12/2019

La Asociacin del Secretariado Profesional de Madrid (ASPM) ha mostrado su apoyo a la Cumbre del Clima (COP25) que se celebra en la capital de Espaa hasta el 13 de diciembre difundiendo, desde sus puestos de trabajo como ayudantes de direccin, una serie de medidas y consejos para que sus empresas sean ms sostenibles.

Clique para acessar Abrir en 2021 el primer sitio de compostaje humano funerario - 08/12/2019

Estar ubicado en el estado de Washington y convertir cadveres en compost que traer nueva vida en forma de vegetacin.

Clique para acessar Toneladas de plstico de Occidente envenena a Indonesia - 08/12/2019

La cadena alimentaria de Indonesia se ha visto afectada, tras convertirse en el basurero de Australia, Europa y Norteamrica

Clique para acessar Muerte masiva de cangrejos ermitaos atrapados por los residuos de plstico - 08/12/2019

Un nuevo estudio cientfico publicado en la revista Journal of Hazardous Materials por expertos de Tasmania, Australia y Reino Unido aporta nuevos datos sobre los efectos probablemente devastadores que los residuos de plstico estn causando en poblaciones de cangrejos ermitaos. Estima que [en los ltimos meses] han muerto ms de 560.000 cangrejos ermitaos en las Islas Cocos (Keeling) en el Ocano ndico y la Isla Henderson en el Pacfico, despus de quedar atrapados en desechos plsticos.

Clique para acessar Toneladas de plstico de Occidente envenena a Indonesia - 08/12/2019

La cadena alimentaria de Indonesia se ha visto afectada, tras convertirse en el basurero de Australia, Europa y Norteamrica

Clique para acessar La orquesta que quiso dar una segunda oportunidad a la basura llega a Santander - 08/12/2019

La Orquesta de Instrumentos Reciclados de Cateura vuelve a Espaa esta Navidad para ofrecer un concierto solidario en Santander junto con los cantantes Cepeda, Nando Agero y el Coro Infantil Halane Junior

Clique para acessar Acuerdo nacional para promover una economa circular en Mxico - 08/12/2019

Bepensa como parte de la Industria Mexicana de Coca-Cola, se une al Acuerdo Nacional para la Nueva Economa del Plstico en Mxico

Clique para acessar Espaa lidera en el reciclaje de plsticos y suspende en acumulacin de residuos en vertederos - 08/12/2019

37 millones de ciudadanos afirmaron separar sus residuos para el reciclaje en 2018.

Clique para acessar Mxico a nada de volverse basurero mundial de desechos peligrosos - 25/11/2019

De no ratificar el tratado de Basilea, el gobierno de Mxico evitar permitira la entrada de residuos, principalmente de Estados Unidos.

Clique para acessar Cincuenta asociaciones preguntan a Almeida si mantiene el cierre de la incineradora de Valdemingmez aprobado para 2025 - 16/11/2019

La Alianza Incineradora de Valdemingmez &161No!, que engloba a ms de 50 colectivos y asociaciones, ha preguntado al Gobierno municipal madrile&241o si mantiene el cierre ordenado de la incineradora de Valdemingmez la prxima caducidad de la concesin, programado para 2025.

Clique para acessar El contenedor marrn llega a Espaa: cules son los residuos que se deben tirar en l? - 10/11/2019

Comunidades autnomas y entidades locales de toda Espaa debern implantar este contenedor antes de enero de 2024

Clique para acessar Mxico: crean plataforma digital para medir impacto ambiental de basura electrnica - 10/11/2019

El progreso tecnolgico, aparte de sus beneficios sociales, conlleva diversos problemas ambientales como la generacin de basura electrnica y las emisiones de dixido de carbono.

Clique para acessar La economa circular generar en el mundo ms de 4.500 millones de euros - 10/11/2019

Est basado en la sostenibilidad y el aprovechamiento de los recursos. Un ejemplo es el biometano, un gas renovable producido a partir de los residuos orgnicos e inyectado en la red. Podra representar una oportunidad para impulsar la descarbonizacin y crear riqueza en el medio rural

Clique para acessar Ministro de agricultura: no podemos seguir siendo el basurero de Centroamrica - 10/11/2019

El Ministro de Agricultura de El Salvador, Pablo Anliker, asegur que los pases de Centroamrica exportan las migajas de sus productos hacia nuestro pas.

Clique para acessar La triste realidad tras el reciclaje de las bateras de los coches elctricos - 10/11/2019

Las bateras de litio son uno de los elementos ms importantes actualmente para... bueno, para prcticamente cualquier dispositivo. Es el componente que permite que los dispositivos que tenemos en el bolsillo gocen de cierta autonoma, y aunque hay mucho margen de mejora en las bateras (con la llegada del grafeno se espera que mejore la autonoma), la industria se enfrenta a un ‘‘problema‘‘, el del reciclaje de las bateras de los vehculos elctricos.

Clique para acessar De basurero a excavacin arqueolgica - 10/11/2019

Es el segundo hallazgo de bestias prehistricas en la regin a dos kilmetros de distancia de la aparicin de la osamenta de un mastodonte en 2015.

Clique para acessar Natural y rentable: avanzan grandes proyectos de biogs en el mundo - 02/11/2019

Una empresa de Inglaterra compr cuatro camiones que funcionan con el biometano que produce para recolectar residuos de alimentos y de cosecha que procesa su biodigestor en Durham

Clique para acessar Andaluca apuesta por un modelo de gestin de residuos sostenible, rentable y que genere empleo - 02/11/2019

La Junta de Andaluca apuesta por un modelo de gestin de residuos sostenible, rentable y que genere empleo y que, junto a la `ley de economa circular, sustente la revolucin verde que est impulsando para situar a la regin como referencia en Europa en economa verde.

Clique para acessar Unilever promueve en Mxico economa circular del plstico - 02/11/2019

Unilever se comprometi a tomar acciones en Mxico para reducir su huella medio ambiental e impulsar la generacin de una economa circular del plstico.

Clique para acessar Mxico se ha convertido en el basurero automotriz de EEUU: AMDA - 02/11/2019

El Senado de la Repblica rechaz esta iniciativa, sin embargo contina la insistencia por parte de los diputados de regular los autos ilegales, expres.

Clique para acessar Residuos que se transforman - 02/11/2019

Una cooperativa de reciclado de Pinamar y la Facultad de Arquitectura de la UBA desarrollaron ladrillos a partir del telgopor recuperado. Adems de evitar la contaminacin, son materiales ms livianos y tienen mejor aislacin que los convencionales.

Clique para acessar Los madrileos reciclan un cuarto de los residuos de papel y cartn - 02/11/2019

Madrid, 30 oct (EFE).- En la Comunidad de Madrid cada madrileo genera una media de 58 kilos de papel y cartn al ao de los cuales tan slo algo ms del 25 son recogidos a travs de los contenedores de reciclaje habilitados para ello en la va pblica, segn el Gobierno regional.

Clique para acessar Mxico, 50 de pescados con residuos plsticos - 02/11/2019

CIUDAD DE MEXICO, 30 OCT - Residuos de plstico fueron hallados en la mitad de los pescados capturados en Mxico, de acuerdo con un anlisis realizado por dos conocidas organizaciones ambientalistas, lo que comprueba el grado de contaminacin que registran los mares del pas.

Clique para acessar Valladolid incorpora nuevos camiones hbridos de recogida de residuos - 02/11/2019

Con los cuatro nuevos vehculos, que generan menos ruido, comienza un proceso de restructuracin de las rutas de recogida

Clique para acessar El ltimo hito ecologista de Copenhague: una pista de esqu verde sobre una planta de residuos - 02/11/2019

Un paso ms para convertirse en la primera ciudad libre de emisiones de carbono en 2025

Clique para acessar Coca-Cola, Nestl y PepsiCo, las empresas con ms residuos de envases plsticos abandonados en el medio ambietne - 27/10/2019

Coca-Cola, Nestl y PepsiCo son las tres compaas ms identificadas en las auditoras de marcas globales que por segundo ao consecutivo ha llevado a cabo la alianza internacional Break Free From Plastic para conocer a las empresas con ms residuos de envases plsticos de sus productos abandonados en el medio ambiente.

Clique para acessar Per solo recicla el 1.9 de residuos slidos - 27/10/2019

Anualmente el Per produce cerca de 7 millones de toneladas de residuos slidos y de esta cifra solo el 1.9 se recicla, de acuerdo a cifras del Ministerio del Ambiente (Minam).

Clique para acessar La recogida selectiva de materia orgnica llegar al 70 de los valencianos este ao - 27/10/2019

Trece barrios de Valencia se sumarn durante los meses de noviembre y diciembre al servicio de recoleccin separada de biorresiduos, que en 2020 se extender ya a toda la ciudad.

Clique para acessar Recicladores ponen de cabeza a estados protestan contra ley de residuos - 27/10/2019

Recolectores acusan que la norma afectara a miles de familias que dependen de la basura

Clique para acessar Barcelona sin plstico, por favor - 27/10/2019

Las tendencias ‘eco‘ han llegado con ms determinacin que Greta Thunberg a la ONU. Entre cazar plsticos, el ‘plogging‘ y los anticolillas no hay excusa para no unirse a la cruzada medioambiental

Clique para acessar Ingeniera: estudian un cemento compuesto con residuos de vidrio - 27/10/2019

El estudiante de Ingeniera Qumica, Agustn Laveglia, investiga la posibilidad de reemplazar parte de los aditivos con los que se crea el cemento, por vidrio.

Clique para acessar Demandan cancelacin definitiva de incineradora de Valorsum en Tizayuca - 20/10/2019

Aseguran que continuar con este proyecto es ir contra algunas polticas mundiales que buscan dejar de producir energa mediante la termo valorizacin para 2022, por la peligrosidad que esta prctica conlleva

Clique para acessar El Voluntariado Ambiental recolect 40 mil colillas de cigarrillos en una maana - 20/10/2019

La actividad se realiz este sbado en el parque de las Colectividades, dnde se visibiliz la problemtica y se concientiz sobre la importancia de no tirar estos residuos en los espacios pblicos

Clique para acessar Cmo hacer composta casera fcil y rpido - 20/10/2019

La composta es un tipo de tierra hecha a base de desechos orgnicos que se obtiene a partir de un proceso llamado compostaje en el que los microorganismos descomponen la materia orgnica hasta generar un tipo de abono que contribuye a mejorar el ambiente y enriquecer los cultivos.

Clique para acessar Un durangarra idea un sistema que reduce los plsticos en el ro - 20/10/2019

Rai Bikandi propuso la colocacin de unas redes en las salidas de aguas pluviales que recogen basura, papeles y colillas

Clique para acessar Nodo Tau inaugura Planta de Gestin de Residuos Informticos en Argentina - 20/10/2019

Nuestra organizacin Nodo Tau presenta su Planta de Gestin de Residuos Electrnicos que adems, tiene como objetivo, generar empleo particularmente para la poblacin joven de Barrio Luduea, en convenio con Nueva Oportunidad. Siete jvenes ya han realizado la capacitacin durante el ao 2018 y siguen ahora su formacin para que en el futuro sean quienes gestionan esta empresa social.

Clique para acessar Del basurlogo al gestor de residuos: medio siglo de travesa hacia Europa - 20/10/2019

Cinco dcadas han pasado desde que unos "visionarios" espaoles importaron de Europa una forma de trabajar con los residuos cuando en Espaa slo se conoca al "basurlogo", una figura administrativa que trabajaba "en la ltima puerta del pasillo, casi pidiendo perdn y avergonzado de su actividad".

Clique para acessar La crisis es ahora: 9 acciones que puedes realizar para combatir el cambio climtico - 13/10/2019

"La principal amenaza de nuestro planeta es la creencia de que otro lo salvar".

Clique para acessar Lo que Mxico puede aprender de Europa en gestin de residuos - 13/10/2019

Cerca de 3.5 millones de toneladas de basura son generadas diariamente a nivel mundial y se estima que esta cifra crezca al ritmo de 1,300 millones de toneladas por ao.

Clique para acessar Olas Vivas: El 71,5 de los residuos encontrados en las playas espa&241olas son plsticos - 13/10/2019

Cada vez generamos ms residuos y ms basuras y es necesario concienciarse para llevar a cabo prcticas de reciclaje, apostar por un sistema de vida ms sostenible y que impacte de manera ms positiva en el medio ambiente. Cuando acudimos a zonas de naturaleza como puede ser el campo, pero sobre todo las playas, es necesario ser muy conscientes de no dejar basuras ni residuos que contaminen el entorno en estos lugares tan importantes para todos.

Clique para acessar Ecomondo convierte Rmini en la capital europea de la economa circular - 13/10/2019

Organizada por el Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), en colaboracin con la Agencia de Comercio de Italia, Ecomondo, que tendr lugar en la ciudad de Rmini durante la primera semana de noviembre, es la feria referente de Europa en materia de economa circular. Cuatro van a ser los puntos cardinales de esta su 23 edicin: los residuos los riesgos hidrogeolgicos y la regeneracin de espacios degradados la bioeconoma circular y el ciclo integrado del agua.

Clique para acessar Fomentan el reciclaje de plstico a cambio de billetes de metro gratis - 13/10/2019

Dicen que Italia es uno de los pases que ms recicla de toda Europa pero su capital, Roma, tena una asignatura pendiente con esta misin. El Parlamento Europeo declar que Roma generaba casi 40 kilos de basura por persona y era la ciudad que ms generaba de todo el pas... y la que menos reciclaba.

Clique para acessar Una aplicacin impulsa el reciclaje con recompensas - 13/10/2019

La iniciativa de reciclaje 5.0 Reciclos premia a los vecinos que depositan correctamente los envases con sorteos y donaciones a proyectos de mejora de la ciudad

Clique para acessar Pepenadores e IP frenan ley de reciclaje - 13/10/2019

Consideran que daba control de residuos a municipios y quitaba empleo a recolectores de basura

Clique para acessar Reciclaje de bateras ser clave para vehculos elctricos, afirma ganador de Nobel de Qumica - 13/10/2019

Reciclar bateras es la clave para asegurar suficientes materias primas para impulsar el aumento de la demanda de vehculos elctricos, segn un ganador del Premio Nobel de Qumica.

Clique para acessar Coca-Cola fabrica su primera botella de plstico reciclado de basura marina - 12/10/2019

A partir de 2020, tiene previsto eliminar 1.380 toneladas de plstico de los packs de latas del mercado ibrico, que sern sustituidos por cartn con certificado PEFC

Clique para acessar Industria Reciclaje de residuos plsticos 2019 el crecimiento global del mercado - 07/10/2019

De Reciclaje de residuos plásticos Industria 2019 El informe de Investigación de mercado global presenta un análisis en profundidad del tamaño del mercado de Reciclaje de residuos plásticos, crecimiento, participación, segmentos, fabricantes y tecnologías, tendencias clave, impulsores del mercado, desafíos, estandarización, modelos de implementación, oportunidades, hoja de ruta futura y previsión para 2025 .

Clique para acessar Cinco firmas almerienses trabajan en la reduccin de residuos inorgnicos - 07/10/2019

Se trata de CASI, Parquenat, Cortijo Cuevas, Coprohnjar y Caparrs Nature, que ya han puesto en marcha los trabajos del proyecto Reinwaste

Clique para acessar Bilbao acoge la cita mundial de referencia sobre residuos y economa circular - 07/10/2019

Ms de 1.200 expertos de 70 pases se dan cita a partir de maana en Bilbao en el 29 Congreso Mundial de la Asociacin Internacional de Residuos Slidos (ISWA por sus siglas en ingles), en la que se analizarn las estrategias para avanzar en la gestin sostenible de los desechos slidos.

Clique para acessar El reciclaje y la economa circular estn de moda - 07/10/2019

Solo para la creacin y elaboracin de una polera bsica se requieren 3 mil litros de agua, los cuales son utilizados en la formacin del material algodn, en el proceso de tinte, lavado, procesos que de acuerdo a la experta en marketing y diseadora que lleg desde Santa Cruz a la ciudad de Tarija, Cinthia Zeballos, son altamente destructivos para el medio ambiente.

Clique para acessar Plsticos biodegradables compostables representan menos del 1 de la demanda - 06/10/2019

Los plsticos biodegradables compostables representan menos del 1 de total de la demanda, dijo el director del Instituto Nacional de Tecnologa Industrial argentino (INTI), Alejandro Ariosti, este viernes 4 de octubre de 2019.

Clique para acessar Espa&241a no cumplir los objetivos marcados por la UE en materia de reciclaje textil ni en 2020 ni en 2025 - 06/10/2019

La Comunidad Valenciana y, por extensin, otras CCAA del resto de Espa&241a no estarn en condiciones de alcanzar los objetivos fijados por la UE en materia de reciclabilidad del textil "ni en 2020 ni en 2025", de acuerdo con el ltimo estudio publicado por la Asociacin Ibrica de Reciclaje Textil (ASIRTEX) en el marco de Ecofira en Valencia.

Clique para acessar Se puede reducir la basura con energa solar? - 06/10/2019

La idea es emplear esta energa renovable para secar residuos urbanos y el lodo resultante de la depuracin de aguas residuales.

Clique para acessar Todo preparado para ISWA 2019, el gran congreso mundial de gestin de residuos - 06/10/2019

Con el lema Circular Economy, what are you doing? y bajo la organizacin de ATEGRUS, en colaboracin con ISWA, se celebrar entre los das 7 y 9 de octubre en el Palacio Euskalduna de Bilbao, habiendo confirmado ya su asistencia ms de 1.200 personas de 70 pases.

Clique para acessar Upcycling: la tendencia de transformar residuos en objetos de valor - 06/10/2019

No slo se conformaron con separar sus desechos, sino que decidieron levantar un emprendimiento con ellos. Esta es la historia de tres innovadores que llevaron el reciclaje a un paso ms all.

Clique para acessar Declararon nula la ley sobre incineracin de residuos - 06/10/2019

La jueza Elena Liberatori declar la nulidad de la ley 5966 que autoriz la incineracin de residuos en la ciduad de Buenos Aires a la vez que exhort al Gobierno a extremar el cuidado del medio ambiente y la selud integral. La ley aprobada en 2018 fue denunciada en su momento por cooperativas de trabajo y ONGs.

Clique para acessar El plstico perfecto fabricado con pieles y escamas de pescado - 06/10/2019

El adis al plstico est ms cerca! El MarinaTex, una alternativa innovadora, orgnica y biodegradable al plstico tradicional fabricado con los subproductos de la industria pesquera.

Clique para acessar Casi la mitad de lo que se echa al rechazo es materia orgnica - 06/10/2019

El Consistorio est desarrollando una campaa para mejorar lo que los hernaniarras depositan como rechazo

Clique para acessar Qu es la termovalorizacin? - 06/10/2019

Las modificaciones a la ley de Basura Cero, aprobadas en 2018, permiten someter los residuos urbanos no reciclables a un tratamiento conocido como termovalorizacin, un proceso para quemar basura y recuperar la energa de la combustin. Las plantas de termovalorizacin aprovechan el calor de los residuos mediante una combustin controlada en un sistema cerrado en donde las emisiones se tratan qumicamente.

Clique para acessar ONU propone mejor gestin de residuos en el marco del Da Mundial del Hbitat - 06/10/2019

New York, EEUU.- El prximo 7 de octubre se celebrar el Da Mundial del Hbitat, promovido por la Organizacin de las Naciones Unidas (ONU), que este ao propone la gestin de residuos como el principal tema a atender para mejorar la calidad de vida de los habitantes del mundo, as como las propuestas para su disminucin.

Clique para acessar El Everest, cada vez con ms residuos - 23/09/2019

Cuando la japonesa Junko Tabei coron el Everest la nieve era blanca y sin residuos. Esto contrasta con la actualidad.

Clique para acessar Reciclaje de residuos: crnica de un fracaso - 23/09/2019

El programa que arranc en 2015 no prosper y hoy los miembros de la ARB deben trabajar sobre el manto de basura. La cinta transportadora nunca funcion.

Clique para acessar Busca UE reciclar 10 millones de toneladas de plstico - 23/09/2019

Alrededor de 100 socios pblicos y privados que cubren toda la cadena de valor de los plsticos firmaron una declaracin a fin de promover acciones voluntarias para que el mercado de plsticos reciclados funcione bien en la Unin Europea (UE).

Clique para acessar No ms plstico en Guatemala - 22/09/2019

El sbado 22 de septiembre de 2018, hace un ao exacto, en esta columna del Diario La Hora fue publicada la nota Exijamos bolsas de papel y no plstico y el Artculo dice as en su prrafo de entrada: Cito. Se lleg el momento en que los guatemaltecos realicemos una labor eficaz individual y colectiva en favor de nuestra patria y de nuestro planeta, en virtud de que nuestra patria es nuestro hogar, as como nuestro Planeta Tierra es el nico hogar verdadero que tenemos en el universo.

Clique para acessar Doa Juana, relleno de irregularidades segn Personera - 22/09/2019

Esa entidad le puso el ojo al lugar donde se depositan 6.900 toneladas de residuos de los bogotanos cada da.

Clique para acessar La supuesta importacin de residuos al pas - 21/09/2019

Se intenta politizar arteramente un tema del que el mundo ya acredita sobrada experiencia en el fomento de la economa circular y el desarrollo sustentable

Clique para acessar Tratamiento trmico de residuos contra el cambio climtico - 21/09/2019

La produccin de residuos ganaderos en la Unin Europea supera los 1,4 billones de toneladas anuales, donde es la principal utilizacin su aplicacin a suelos agrcolas como enmienda orgnica.

Clique para acessar Los mviles usados recogidos en Lorca se convierten en rboles para recuperar el monte El Madroo y Los Alhageces - 21/09/2019

Los ms de 2.400 mviles en desuso recogidos en Lorca, a travs de la campaa 1rbolx1Mvil, han comenzado a convertirse en pinos, encinas y otras especies autctonas del monte lorquino El Madroo y los Alhageces.

Clique para acessar Seat participar de un proyecto europeo para convertir residuos urbanos en biometano - 21/09/2019

Life Landfill Biofuel tiene 4,6 millones de euros de presupuesto y estar financiado en un 55 por la Comisin Europea

Clique para acessar Los materiales reciclables son el futuro del plstico? - 20/09/2019

Pone en prctica la economa circular: nada se crea, nada se desperdicia, todo se convierte.

Clique para acessar El 96,4 de los ciudadanos recicla sus residuos - 20/09/2019

Poner remedio a la grave crisis climtica requiere de una actuacin inmediata y proactiva de todas las partes implicadas: entidades, administraciones y ciudadanos. Como consumidores es fundamental que tengamos informacin suficiente y veraz sobre las consecuencias de nuestros actos y qu podemos hacer al respecto.

Clique para acessar Indonesia repatra 547 contenedores de basura a pases ricos (Espaa incluida) - 20/09/2019

En los ltimos dos meses han sido intervenidos ms de 2.000 contenedores llegados irregularmente a puertos de este pas asitico

Clique para acessar Gestin integral de residuos: todos por el mismo camino? - 20/09/2019

Empresas de servicios pblicos tienen la oportunidad de ser protagonistas en el cierre de brechas entre esquemas tradicionales y la economa circular.

Clique para acessar Plantean que ciudadanos canjeen sus residuos slidos por entradas a museos - 20/09/2019

La iniciativa legislativa sugiere la creacin de una tarjeta denominada "Ecobonus", en la cual los ciudadanos podrn acumular los puntos bonus que se les otorgue a cambio de sus residuos slidos

Clique para acessar La industria plstica disea su poltica para el reciclaje - 20/09/2019

Los industriales elaboran junto al Gobierno, una propuesta de ley. Buscan que la norma reemplace la ordenanza municipal que regula el plstico de un solo uso.

Clique para acessar Europa se fija en el Plan Revitaliza - 20/09/2019

La agencia europea Zero Waste Europe lanzar este viernes en toda Europa su publicacin monogrfica sobre el Plan Revitaliza de la Diputacin Provincial tras considerarlo una "experiencia ambiental relevante" y asegurar que es un "caso de estudio" en la gestin de la basura aplicable en muchas zonas de la UE.

Clique para acessar Empresa antioquea inventa sistema inteligente para cambiar residuos slidos por dinero - 20/09/2019

Saba usted que cada segundo que pasa se producen ms de 190 kilos de desperdicios en el mundo? Esto equivale a mas de 6 millones de toneladas de material contaminante por ao, en su mayora residuos plsticos.

Clique para acessar Burger King y McDonalds reducirn sus juguetes de plstico en Reino Unido - 20/09/2019

El medio ambiente necesita que se tomen medidas a su favor de forma urgente. Poco a poco las acciones para reducir los residuos van desarrollndose. La ltima que conocemos viene de la mano de dos de las cadenas de comida rpida ms populares del mundo, McDonalds y Burger King.

Clique para acessar Klean Kanteen presenta ‘Classic‘, una botella de acero, reutilizable sin residuos plsticos para deportistas - 20/09/2019

La empresa familiar estadounidense Klean Kanteen presenta la botella de agua ‘Classic‘, de acero inoxidable, ligera, resistente, reutilizable y sin residuos plsticos (BPA) para hidratarse durante la vida diaria y la prctica deportiva, informa en un comunicado.

Clique para acessar Del granero del mundo al basurero del mundo - 20/09/2019

Semanas atrs, en el Boletn Oficial apareci un decreto que nos sobresalt a muchos, el 591/2019, que parece ser el huevo de la serpiente de un problema medioambiental que tendremos los argentinos en algunos aos.

Clique para acessar Presentan en Barcelona el primer edificio de Espaa basado en la economa circular - 19/09/2019

Los materiales utilizados en su construccin se pueden extraer del edificio para ser transformados y reutilizados en el futuro sin apenas generar residuos.

Clique para acessar Con residuos tecnolgicos reciclados, crean dispositivos para personas ciegas e hipoacsicas - 19/09/2019

Este martes se llev a cabo una nueva edicin de la Feria Zonal de Ciencia y Tecnologa, y entre los ms de 30 proyectos presentados por alumnos de las diversas instituciones educativas participantes, se encuentra Adaptados con-ciencia RAEE.

Clique para acessar Siemens eliminar el plstico y otros residuos en sus oficinas - 19/09/2019

La compaa pondr en marcha una serie de medidas como la eliminacin de las botellas de plstico y las latas y el uso de vasos biodegradables o de otros materiales como cristal o cermica.

Clique para acessar El tratamiento trmico de residuos ayuda a luchar contra el cambio climtico - 19/09/2019

Un equipo de cientficos, con participacin espaola, ha comprobado que la utilizacin de biochar (biocarbn) e hidrochar (carbonizacin hidrotermal) puede reducir hasta un 97 las emisiones de CO2 con respecto al uso de residuos ganaderos. Adems, tras el tratamiento trmico estos materiales se convierten en fertilizantes de liberacin lenta que pueden aumentar el rendimiento de los cultivos.

Clique para acessar Entendiendo la Ley de Gestin Integral de Residuos. - 19/09/2019

La abogada analiza cmo cambia la gestin de residuos en Uruguay con la ley aprobada recientemente por el Parlamento.

Clique para acessar Recolectores de residuos marcharn contra el nuevo decreto del gobierno - 19/09/2019

La resolucin permitira la importacin de "residuos valorizados" y desde el sector local reclaman la falta de polticas pblicas para reconocer su trabajo.

Clique para acessar Ms de 200 familias comen en el basural de Paran. - 15/09/2019

Los alimentos que Vctor Jacobs consume no llegan a sus manos a travs de un recorrido lgico. Empiezan en la gndola de los supermercados de Paran, Entre Ros, y pasan a ser parte de la dieta de alguna familia que luego tira lo que sobra en el cesto de basura.

Clique para acessar El &8220basural&8221 de la 9 de Julio: as qued despus de 40 horas de acampe - 15/09/2019

Los movimientos sociales levantaron este viernes por la ma&241ana el acampe que realizaban desde el mircoles en la avenida 9 de Julio, pero detrs suyo dejaron toda la basura que se fue acumulando durante el corte y la protesta.

Clique para acessar Cmo se debe reciclar correctamente? Recicladores explican - 15/09/2019

En Bogot se producen 6.300 toneladas de residuos al da. Cerca de 23.000 personas se dedican a separarlos, pero la poca disciplina de los ciudadanos dificulta su labor.

Clique para acessar Cmo es el proceso del reciclaje? - 15/09/2019

De toda la basura que se genera en Mxico, solo el 15 por ciento se recicla, por lo que es importante fomentar esta actividad. Te presentamos cul es el procedimiento.

Clique para acessar Compostaje comunitario: guas de implantacin y seguimiento - 15/09/2019

El compostaje aprovecha los residuos orgnicos generados por las actividades domsticas. Su beneficio ambiental y econmico es considerable, porque obtiene nuevos recursos con valor aadido como el compost, cuya aplicacin al suelo mejora su fertilidad, calidad y salud.

Clique para acessar Conoc la impresionante isla de basura, formada por residuos plsticos - 15/09/2019

La isla est ubicada entre Hawi y California y ya es tres veces ms grande que Francia. Un estudio puso en evidencia que est formada por plsticos y que crece ao a ao.

Clique para acessar Nueva sentencia de la justicia europea sobre el concepto de residuo - 15/09/2019

Mediante esta sentencia aclaratoria del Tribunal de Justicia Europeo se aplica la doctrina consolidada sobre el concepto de residuo, en un caso de condena por traslado de residuos de una partida de artculos electrnicos desde Pases Bajos hasta Tanzania, incumpliendo el Reglamento 1013/2006. Esta partida estaba compuesta por pequeos electrodomsticos que fueron retirados por el vendedor.


800 paneles diarios para la construccin producir la primera planta de economa circular del rubro en el pas, la cual procesar cuatro toneladas por da de residuos textiles, la mayora de ellos mermas provenientes de esta actividad en galpones del sistema franco iquiqueo.

Clique para acessar Fuerte oposicin a iniciativas de ley de reciclaje en California - 15/09/2019

Grandes recicladores sealan que leyes de empaque no logran diferenciar los artculos en funcin de la capacidad de reciclaje y el desempeo ambiental general

Clique para acessar Rescatan una tortuga rodeada de plsticos y residuos en la Malvarrosa de Valncia - 15/09/2019

El animal ha sido trasladado al Oceanogrfic para su recuperacin

Clique para acessar Ciudadanos que recolecten mayor cantidad de residuos inorgnicos sern premiados con un viaje - 14/09/2019

Con el objetivo de contribuir al medio ambiente y la disminucin de residuos slidos en la ciudad de Juliaca, se viene organizando el concurso nacional denominado RECICLATON.

Clique para acessar En Colombia, por cada 10 botellas plsticas que salen al mercado solo se reciclan 3 - 14/09/2019

En el pas hay dos empresas transformadoras de PET que procesan al ao unas 31.200 toneladas de estas botellas, mientras la industria demanda alrededor de 49.000 toneladas. El llamado es a aumentar las tasas de acopio.

Clique para acessar Cmara de Diputados aprob la creacin de la ley integral de residuos - 14/09/2019

Esta ley establece un marco regulatorio para el manejo de los residuos tanto para las empresas como para el consumidor.

Clique para acessar Que Argentina no sea el basurero del mundo: piden la nulidad de la importacin de residuos - 14/09/2019

La Federacin de Cartoneros junto con Greenpeace y la Asociacin de Abogados Ambientalistas presentaron un recurso de revocatoria A su vez, avanza en el Congreso un proyecto de ley. El objetivo es la derogacin del decreto que modific la ley de Residuos Peligrosos para permitir el ingreso de reciclables sin el certificado de inocuidad.

Clique para acessar La ONU avala las plantas de valorizacin energtica - 14/09/2019

La ONU ha reconocido la utilidad y la importancia de la actividad de las plantas de valorizacin energtica por todo el planeta, as como su papel clave en las polticas de gestin de residuos locales y en la reduccin de las emisiones de gases invernadero.

Clique para acessar Piden la nulidad del decreto que habilita la importacin de residuos - 14/09/2019

El decreto que modific la ley de Residuos Peligrosos para permitir el ingreso de reciclables sin el certificado de inocuidad ya enfrenta dos pedidos de nulidad.

Clique para acessar En un 43 se increment el reciclaje en el ltimo ao en Bogot - 14/09/2019

En un ao se han entregado 10.000 millones a la poblacin recicladora en Bogot.

Clique para acessar Dnde va la basura que producimos a diario en nuestros hogares? - 14/09/2019

Conoce el proceso al que se someten los residuos domiciliarios en el relleno sanitario Colihues La Yesca, el sitio de disposicin final donde llega la mayor parte de estos desechos en la Regin de OHiggins.

Clique para acessar Cubanos "bucean" para sobrevivir en el gran basurero de la Calle 100 en La Habana - 14/09/2019

El grupo opositor cubano Frente de Accin Orlando Zapata denunci en sus redes sociales la creciente cantidad de personas que han convertido el vertedero de la calle 100, en Marianao, en un medio de supervivencia.

Clique para acessar De Basura Cero a importar residuos - 14/09/2019

De Pobreza Cero a 1 milln de nuevos indigentes en slo un ao. El decreto que permite importar residuos peligrosos es anticonstitucional y descuida a los trabajadores sociales del reciclaje.

Clique para acessar Curso online para cooperativas busca impulsionar projetos de desenvolvimento sustentvel - 08/07/2020

A Organizao das Cooperativas do Brasil (Sistema OCB) e o Programa das Naes Unidas para o Desenvolvimento (PNUD) lanaram no sbado (4) o primeiro de uma srie de cursos online com o objetivo de fomentar projetos ligados aos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentvel (ODS) nas cooperativas brasileiras.

Clique para acessar Terrestre assume projeto de incinerador de lixo em Santos - 08/07/2020

Ela e Terracom compem o mesmo grupo empresarial que forma o consrcio Valoriza Santos SPE Ltda, que contratou o EIV

Clique para acessar PEC amplia lista de responsabilidades ambientais do poder pblico - 04/07/2020

Citando os conceitos de economia sustentvel estabelecidos pela Organizao das Naes Unidas (ONU), o senador Jaques Wagner (PT-BA) prope uma emenda Constituio que aumenta a lista de responsabilidades ambientais do poder pblico determinadas no artigo 225.

Clique para acessar Novo marco legal do saneamento bsico trar forte estmulo economia - 04/07/2020

A urgncia em mais investimentos para o saneamento se tornou fundamental, principalmente com o contexto da pandemia de Covid-19.

Clique para acessar Como podemos produzir energia eltrica com resduos orgnicos? - 03/07/2020

Voc&234 sabia que o biogs tambm pode gerar energia eltrica? Isso mesmo, a gest&227o de resduos traz diversas solu&245es sustentveis para gera&227o de energia, dentre elas a gera&227o de eletricidade. Tanto do campo, quanto do meio rural, o lixo uma solu&227o vivel para a destina&227o de qualquer resduo orgnico.

Clique para acessar Pesquisa do PPGD resulta em livro sobre Direito, resduos slidos e o catador de reciclveis - 03/07/2020

A egressa Ana Luza Flix Severo, do Programa de Ps-Graduao em Direito (PPGD), do Centro de Cincias Sociais Aplicadas (CCSA), da UFRN, lanou o livro, fruto de sua dissertao de Mestrado, sob orientao da professora Patrcia Borba Vilar Guimares, intitulada Direito, resduos slidos e o catador de reciclveis. A obra pode ser adquirida pelo site da Editora Dialtica ou em plataformas de venda de publicaes digitais.

Clique para acessar MMA lana novas funcionalidades no sistema que rene informaes de resduos slidos - 03/07/2020

Com a iniciativa, a rastreabilidade de resduos slidos passa a ser 100 digital Iniciativa traz inovao, segurana, desburocratizao e praticidade aos usurios

Clique para acessar Ministrio do Meio Ambiente institui Manifesto de Transporte de Resduos - 03/07/2020

Publicada nesta a tera-feira, 30 de junho, a Portaria 280/2020, que regulamenta os artigos 56 e 76 do Decreto 7.404/2010, alm do artigo 8 do Decreto 10.388/2020. A medida institui o Manifesto de Transporte de Resduos (MTR) nacional, que surge como ferramenta de gesto e documento declaratrio de implantao e operacionalizao do plano de gerenciamento de resduos. Alm disso, o texto dispe do Inventrio Nacional de Resduos Slidos e complementa a Portaria 412/2019.

Clique para acessar Pas queima US 2,2 bi em lixo eletrnico por ano - 03/07/2020

Clique para acessar Campanha de catadores de resduos slidos faz arrecada&227o para compra de alimentos - 03/07/2020

Iniciativa tambm visa a aquisi&227o de itens de higiene pessoal para combate ao novo coronavrus.

Clique para acessar Consrcio pblico um bom negcio no lixo? - 03/07/2020

Consrcios pblicos so muito citados como soluo para o tratamento de resduos. Para saber se realmente so um bom negcio para a soluo do problema dos resduos necessrio conhecer alguns pontos.

Clique para acessar "Novo marco do saneamento pode sofrer vetos", continue lendo em: - 03/07/2020

"Um artigo presente no novo marco legal do saneamento bsico, aprovado na ltima semana pelo Senado e encaminhado sano presidencial, preocupa empresas e entidades ligadas ao segmento.

Clique para acessar GDF vai contratar empresa para tratar chorume do Aterro Sanitrio - 03/07/2020

A empresa contratada dever tratar 705 mil metros cbicos de chorume por ano

Clique para acessar Japo comea a cobrar por sacolas de plstico - 03/07/2020

No Japo, as lojas podero escolher quanto cobrar por cada sacola - AFP

Clique para acessar Aberta licitao para tratamento de chorume - 03/07/2020

Modalidade prego do tipo menor preo. Empresa vencedora dever tratar a produo no Aterro Sanitrio de Braslia e Usina de Ceilndia

Clique para acessar Documentrio Revolixonrios, produzido em Itaja, aborda os impactos dos resduos na sociedade - 03/07/2020

O filme fundamenta-se no relato de especialistas, nas reas de cincia social, cincia poltica, ambiental, oceanografia, biologia e medicina, como o navegador Vilfredo Schurmann, Alexandre Turra, do Instituto Oceanogrfico da USP, Marcos Sorrentino, docente do Departamento de Cincias Florestais Esalo da USP, Joo Malavolta, Diretor Executivo do Instituto Ecosurf, entre outros nomes. Confira o documentário clicando aqui:

Clique para acessar Em 2019, a massa de eletrnicos lanados no aterro excedeu o peso da populao adulta da Europa - 03/07/2020

A Equipe Global de Monitoramento de Lixo Eletrnico da ONU divulgou estatsticas atualizadas sobre a contabilidade de lixo eletrnico equipamentos eletrnicos e eltricos despejados ou parcialmente reciclados. A massa de resduos em todo o mundo atingiu um nvel crtico excedeu o peso da populao adulta da Europa. De fato, de 2014 a 2030, o volume de lixo eletrnico promete dobrar.

Clique para acessar Veta ou no veta? Bolsonaro pode desobrigar licitao para servios de limpeza urbana - 03/07/2020

Trecho do novo marco legal que desobriga a licitao para servios como de limpeza urbana e manejo de resduos slidos pode no ser vetado por Bolsonaro, o que levaria a uma situao indita nesses tipos de contratos

Clique para acessar CEO da Coca-Cola Company assina pacto pela economia circular e refora compromisso da companhia com a sustentabilidade - 03/07/2020

Em carta, lderes de grandes empresas se comprometeram a repensar a gesto de resduos, aps os desafios da pandemia do coronavrus

Clique para acessar Parabns, humanidade: criamos um nmero recorde de lixo eletrnico em 2019 - 03/07/2020

O mundo continua produzindo mais fones de ouvido, micro-ondas, laptops, aparelhos de ar condicionado e outro itens eletrnicos, mesmo que um valor recorde desses itens acabe como lixo eletrnico.

Clique para acessar Setor de recuperao energtica de resduos cobra veto a artigo 20 do Marco do Saneamento - 03/07/2020

O Brasil pode deixar de atrair investimentos da ordem de R 80 bilhes em expanso de gerao de energia eltrica se o governo no vetar o artigo 20 do novo Marco do Saneamento, alerta o presidente da Associao Brasileira de Recuperao Energtica de Resduos (Abren), Yuri Schmitke.

Clique para acessar Gesto de resduos slidos urbanos sob a tica da economia circular : barreiras e fatores importantes para a circularidade dos materiais - 03/07/2020

A Economia Circular surge como uma forma de superar as limitaes de uma economia linear, conciliando os anseios por desenvolvimento econmico e proteo ambiental. definida como um sistema industrial que restaurador ou regenerativo, por inteno e design, e que substitui o conceito de ‘fim de vida‘ por restaurao.

Clique para acessar Governo Federal repassa mais R 45 milhes para aes de saneamento pelo Pas - 03/07/2020

Governo Federal repassa mais R 45 milhes para aes de saneamento pelo Pas Post Author:freitas Post published:2 de julho de 2020 Post Category:Sem categoria Post Comments:0 Comentrios Compartilhe agora mesmo Facebook Email WhatsApp LinkedIn Compartilhar Saneamento bsico em Macei O Ministrio do Desenvolvimento Regional (MDR) repassou R 45,1 milhes para aes de saneamento bsico em 19 estados e no Distrito Federal. Os recursos sero investidos em obras de abastecimento de gua, esgotamento sanitrio, saneamento integrado, manejo de guas pluviais, alm de elaborao de estudos e projetos e em melhorias na gesto dos servios.

Clique para acessar Empresas de reciclagem recorrem a robs com IA para maior eficincia e economia - 03/07/2020

Empresas de reciclagem esto passando a utilizar-se de tecnologia de robs com inteligncia artificial (IA) para obter uma maior eficincia e economia.

Clique para acessar CNA e governo debatem polticas pblicas para os limites mximos de resduos no contexto do comrcio internacional - 03/07/2020

Braslia (02/07/2020) O governo brasileiro demonstrou sintonia na gesto de polticas pblicas para os Limites Mximos de Resduos (LMRs) no contexto do comercial internacional, durante debate online promovido pela Confederao da Agricultura e Pecuria do Brasil (CNA) na quinta (2).

Clique para acessar Grande parte dos plsticos europeus enviados para reciclar acaba despejada em guas asiticas, indica estudo - 03/07/2020

Novas investigaes da NUI Galway e da Universidade de Limerick, Irlanda quantificaram pela primeira vez o volume de plstico de pases europeus (UE, Reino Unido, Sua e Noruega) que contribuem para o lixo marinho da reciclagem exportada.

Clique para acessar ERP Portugal lana - 03/07/2020

A ERP Portugal, entidade gestora de resduos, acaba de lanar um novo site que tem como objetivo facilitar a recolha de resduos de equipamentos eltricos e eletrnicos e pilhas usadas.

Clique para acessar Abren mira em exemplo de Portugal para deslanchar valorizao energtica de resduos - 03/07/2020

Webinrio Internacional da associao apresentou experincia de pas europeu na rea

Clique para acessar Alunos e professores desenvolvem tecnologia para fazer tijolos com restos de materiais de construo - 03/07/2020

A ideia surgiu em Gurupi e pretende reduzir o custo das obras e ajudar na limpeza da cidade. Entulho representa parte significativa do lixo no municpio.

Clique para acessar Coleta seletiva de resduos slidos volta a ser feita em Manaus - 03/07/2020

Manaus/AM - O municpio de Manaus deu incio ao cumprimento de aes recomendadas para a destinao adequada de resduos slidos. A medida foi tomada aps recomendao conjunta do Ministrio Pblico Federal (MPF), do Ministrio Pblico do Estado do Amazonas (MPAM) e do Ministrio Pblico de Contas do Estado do Amazonas (MPC),

Clique para acessar Novo marco legal do saneamento bsico trar forte estmulo economia - 03/07/2020

A urgncia em mais investimentos para o saneamento se tornou fundamental, principalmente com o contexto da pandemia de Covid-19.

Clique para acessar Luta contra plsticos descartveis atropelada durante a pandemia - 03/07/2020

Alm do uso na sade e em equipamentos de proteo, plstico ganha terreno com a profuso de embalagens em servios de entrega. Trabalhadores da reciclagem pararam para evitar contato com lixo contaminado.

Clique para acessar Brasil precisa mudar velhos hbitos para alcanar o progresso no Saneamento Bsico - 02/07/2020

A PL 4.162/2019 a oportunidade para o pas ter reconhecimento mundial no canteiro de obras.

Clique para acessar Otimismo cauteloso - 02/07/2020

Parabns a todos aqueles que independente da viso ideolgica, crena e at time de futebol, discutiram de forma intensa nestes ltimos anos a questo da universalizao dos servios de gua e esgoto no Brasil.

Clique para acessar Brasil vai em sentido oposto a capitais do mundo que estatizaram saneamento - 02/07/2020

A mudana no marco do saneamento bsico no Brasil, aprovada nesta semana e que deve ser sancionada pelo presidente Jair Bolsonaro (sem partido), pavimenta o caminho para que empresas privadas assumam a operao de gua e esgoto nas cidades. Hoje, segundo o Atlas Esgotos, estudo elaborado pela ANA (Agncia Nacional de guas), ao menos 45 dos brasileiros (cerca de 100 milhes de pessoas) no tm tratamento adequado

Clique para acessar Fiscalizao em lixes encontra trabalho infantil em 70 dos locais vistoriados - 02/07/2020

As aes vm ocorrendo h pelo menos um ano. Em Pacajus, o trabalho de fiscalizao foi retomado devido ao nmero de denncias

Clique para acessar Covid-19 faz setor de reciclagem parar atividades e operao cai abaixo da metade - 02/07/2020

As empresas do setor de reciclagem de materiais tm sido muito afetadas pela pandemia do novo coronavrus. A maioria das mais de 5,5 mil companhias do ramo de processamento e venda de sucata de ferro e ao tiveram que paralisar parte das suas atividades por conta da forte reduo na coleta seletiva, do trabalho do catador e na demanda das usinas siderrgicas, que usam a sucata na produo de ao.

Clique para acessar Em um ano, lei retira de circulao dois bilhes de sacolas plsticas dos supermercados do RJ - 02/07/2020

Associao de supermercados diz que reduo foi de 50 do total distribudo em 12 meses em 2019. Bilogo destaca a importncia da conscientizao da sociedade.

Clique para acessar Em votao histrica, Senado aprova novo marco regulatrio do saneamento - 02/07/2020

Com 65 votos a favor e 13 contra, novo marco regulatrio do saneamento bsico aprovado no Senado texto vai sano presidencial.

Clique para acessar Sete estados recebero R 11,5 milhes para obras de saneamento bsico - 30/06/2020

Recursos federais sero destinados a municpios do Cear, Maranho, Par, Paraba, Santa Catarina, Sergipe e So Paulo

Clique para acessar O bsico.. O SANEAMENTO - 30/06/2020

Em plena pandemia do COVID-19, o Saneamento Bsico vive especiais momentos, com fatos alvissareiros, que nos enchem de alegria e animo, para que finalmente seja reconhecido como pea fundamental para o desenvolvimento do Pas.

Clique para acessar Setor de resduos slidos pede que Governo Federal vete artigo do novo Marco do Saneamento que permite contratos sem licitao - 30/06/2020

Dispositivo afasta investimentos privados e pode inviabilizar a universalizao dos servios de coleta, tratamento e destinao final do lixo no Brasil

Clique para acessar BNDES prev leiles no setor de saneamento ainda em 2020 - 30/06/2020

Oito projetos de desestatizao esto sendo estruturados pelo banco e outros 5 esto em anlise

Clique para acessar Em votao histrica, Senado aprova novo marco regulatrio do saneamento - 28/06/2020

Com 65 votos a favor e 13 contra, novo marco regulatrio do saneamento bsico aprovado no Senado texto vai sano presidencial.

Clique para acessar Senado aprova novo marco do saneamento bsico e texto segue para sano - 24/06/2020

O Senado Federal aprovou, na noite desta quarta-feira (24), por 65 votos a 13, o novo marco legal do saneamento bsico. O projeto torna obrigatria a licitao para a contratao de servios de saneamento, permitindo a participao de empresas privadas, prorroga o prazo para o fim dos lixes e facilita a privatizao de estatais do setor.


Biometano o futuro da mobilidade sustentvel! Isso voc pode apostar e para te convencer do que estamos afirmando, primeiro vamos explicar o que ele .

Clique para acessar Praia em segurana? Este abrigo ecolgico salva-o das multid&245es e tira plstico do mar - 22/06/2020

Em forma de hexgono, o OceanBee feito em plstico 100 reciclado e tem espao para cinco pessoas do mesmo ncleo familiar. Cada abrigo equivale a 230 kg de plstico retirado da costa portuguesa.

Clique para acessar Durante a pandemia descarte de resduos domiciliares exige cuidados - 22/06/2020

A pandemia acendeu o alerta para todos a respeito do cuidado que devemos ter com o saneamento bsico e o descarte de resduos hospitalares e tambm domiciliares. justamente sobre os resduos que produzimos em casa, que podem ser um risco para as pessoas, que a FSP-USP (Faculdade de Sade Pblica da Universidade de So Paulo) fez uma pesquisa que j trouxe resultados. Quem fala sobre o assunto Wanda Gnther, professora do Departamento de Sade Ambiental da FSP

Clique para acessar Um absurdo. Ministro do Ambiente critica uso excessivo do plstico em tempo de pandemia - 22/06/2020

O ministro do Ambiente e da Ao Climtica, Joo Pedro Matos Fernandes, criticou o uso excessivo dos bens descartveis, considerando-o o problema mais agudo do ponto de vista ambiental no perodo ps-covid.

Clique para acessar Estudo: Roupas duram mais tempo se lavadas em ciclos curtos e frios - 22/06/2020

Investigadores dizem que o uso de um ciclo de lavagem mais frio e mais curto para limpar as roupas evita que as cores escorram e que as fibras se partam.

Clique para acessar Radiografia de trs surtos de coronavrus: como se infectaram e como podemos evitar - 22/06/2020

Um escritrio, um restaurante e um nibus. Trs contgios mltiplos, estudados minuciosamente pelas autoridades sanitrias, oferecem valiosas lies ao deixar a quarentena

Clique para acessar Empresa brasileira produz saco de lixo feito de planta e com zero emisso de carbono - 22/06/2020

Nova tecnologia promete deixar de gerar 112.500 kg de CO no meio ambiente at o fim de 2020

Clique para acessar Startups em favelas ajudam a mitigar impactos da covid-19 - 22/06/2020

Iniciativas de empresas nas periferias colaboram na manuten&227o dos pequenos negcios e no combate &224 fome

Clique para acessar CMCG aprova auxlio emergencial para catadores e reajuste para os aposentados do magistrio - 22/06/2020

O projeto de lei n 99/2020, define o auxlio financeiro emergencial, no valor R 600,00, para os catadores de materiais reciclveis

Clique para acessar Dos paus e lixo que apanha, Joaquim faz cobras, sardes e tudo o que lhe d na cabea - 22/06/2020

Quando deixou o mar, depois de quatro dcadas dedicadas pesca de bacalhau, Joaquim Pires comeou a apanhar paus "a torto e a direito". Olhava para eles, tortos e direitos, e imaginava uma pea na sua cabea: cobras, sardes, pssaros, cisnes, ou tudo o que dali pudesse surgir.

Clique para acessar Grande Rio exalta Estamira, catadora de lixo do Jardim Gramacho - 22/06/2020

Confira um trecho da entrevista do carnavalesco Gabriel Haddad no Show de Bola

Clique para acessar Reciclagem de veculos desafio e prioridade ambiental para a Peugeot - 22/06/2020

Veja quais so os modelos que contam com materiais reciclados e naturais.

Clique para acessar Operao Centro Presente e Comlurb recolhem cobertores de moradores de rua no Largo da Carioca - 22/06/2020

Em meio a aes de solidariedade que temos visto durante o delicado momento de crise econmica que muitas pessoas esto passando, ocasionada pela pandemia do Coronavrus, agentes da Operao Centro Presente, juntamente com funcionrios da Companhia Municipal de Limpeza Urbana (Comlurb), protagonizaram exatamente o contrrio na ltima sexta-feira (19/06), na regio central do Rio de Janeiro.

Clique para acessar Projeto de lei de quer incluir reciclagem no Pr-Social - 22/06/2020

Um projeto para permitir que empresas gachas financiem projetos de reciclagem tramita agora na Assembleia Legislativa do Rio Grande do Sul. A ideia que, atravs de uma lei de incentivo, o setor consiga ampliar o reaproveitamento de materiais descartados - em especial, o plstico - para movimentar o setor, gerar empregos e dar um destino diferente e mais proveitoso a esses materiais.

Clique para acessar O que Economia Circular? - 22/06/2020

A economia circular um novo conceito estratgico, que tem como base a reduo, reutilizao, recuperao e reciclagem de materiais (resduos) e de energia.

Clique para acessar Em Amesterdo, nasceram pequenos jardins volta dos caixotes do lixo - 22/06/2020

A ideia diminuir a quantidade de lixo colocada volta dos contentores, que aumentou no perodo de quarentena. Estou a ficar cansado de limpar a porcaria das pessoas de Amesterdo, disse o vereador Laurens Ivens.

Clique para acessar GR avana com energia verde atravs de biomassa - 22/06/2020

espaos florestais apresentam, em geral, um bom potencial produtivo

Clique para acessar Abrir uma garrafa de plstico ou rasgar um saco pode libertar milhares de microplsticos, segundo especialistas - 22/06/2020

Os microplsticos tm entre 0,001 e 5 milmetros de tamanho e geralmente so produzidos diretamente ou so formados quando grandes resduos de plstico so destrudos.

Clique para acessar Senado inclui Marco do Saneamento nas votaes da semana - 22/06/2020

Est na pauta do plenrio do Senado, para ser votado na prxima quarta-feira (22), o Projeto de Lei (PL) 4.162/19 que trata do novo marco do saneamento. Entre outros pontos, a proposta pretende atrair investimento privado para levar gua potvel a 99 da populao, rede de esgoto a 90 e universalizar o servio at 2033. Em algumas excees, o prazo seria at 2040.

Clique para acessar Startup em Uganda transforma resduos plsticos em protetores faciais para hospitais - 22/06/2020

Atravs de uma iniciativa inovadora, uma startup de Uganda, na frica, est transformando garrafas plsticas em protetores faciais para hospitais, tambm conhecidos como EPI equipamentos mdicos de proteo individual.

Clique para acessar Tecnologia grande aliada da produo de energias renovveis - 22/06/2020

Geomembrana contribui diretamente para o desenvolvimento sustentvel de biogs

Clique para acessar EXCLUSIVO-EUA e Brasil criticam veto da Tailndia a pesticida, veem impacto em exportaes - 22/06/2020

Os Estados Unidos e o Brasil apresentaram protestos em separado contra o veto pela Tailndia de agroqumicos neste ms, segundo documentos obtidos pela Reuters, nos quais alegam que o movimento "restritivo" e "srio" poderia prejudicar importantes exportaes agrcolas..

Clique para acessar Compromisso ambiental das empresas tem papel fundamental para reciclagem do lixo - 21/06/2020

Grande parte dos resduos levam entre 100 e 500 anos para se decompor na natureza.

Clique para acessar Entidades articulam maior gerao de energia a partir de resduos - 21/06/2020

Uma frente formada por quatro associaes setoriais ser lanada hoje (2) para buscar solues destinadas ampliao do aproveitamento energtico dos resduos slidos no Brasil. Assinaro remotamente o Acordo de Cooperao para Recuperao Energtica de Resduos a Associao Brasileira de Cimento Portland (ABCP), a Associao Brasileira de Empresas Tratamento de Resduos e Efluentes (Abetre), a Associao Brasileira do Biogs (ABiogs) e a Associao Brasileira de Empresas de Limpeza Pblica e Resduos Especiais (Abrelpe).

Clique para acessar Cetesb destaca aes para desenvolver gesto dos resduos slidos urbanos no estado - 21/06/2020

Evento virtual na ltima quarta-feira (10) apresentou as iniciativas do Comit de Integrao de Resduos Slidos

Clique para acessar Compostagem domstica: como faz-la a partir do jardim? - 21/06/2020

Segundo dados oficiais, cada portugus produz em sua casa diariamente cerca de 1,3 kg de resduos, dos quais, quase 40 (cerca de 0,5 kg) so resduos orgnicos. Se estivermos a falar de uma famlia de quatro pessoas, podemos estar a falar de cerca de 2 kg por dia.

Clique para acessar Mo&227o pelo fortalecimento da coleta seletiva com integra&227o dos catadores contra a incinera&227o de resduos slidos domiciliares - 21/06/2020

A COVID-19 uma doena de transmiss&227o area causada pelo Coronavrus Sars-CoV-2 que alm dos problemas de sade, evidenciou a profunda desigualdade social existente no Brasil. Diversos segmentos da sociedade vivem situa&245es graves de exclus&227o social e vulnerabilidade. Todas as polticas pblicas e as iniciativas sociais, ambientais e econmicas devem necessariamente incluir o atendimento emergencial dessas popula&245es e tambm resolver problemas estruturais que as afetam.

Clique para acessar Japo cria sistema capaz de transformar emisses de carbono em energia - 21/06/2020

Uma equipa de investigadores da Universidade de Nagoya, no Japo, criou um sistema capaz de transformar parte das emisses de carbono, emitidas pelas fbricas, em energia.

Clique para acessar MyKubo: uma loja online para comprar a artesos, designers e marcas portuguesas - 21/06/2020

Nascida em plena pandemia, a MyKubo quer fintar a adversidade e mostrar o trabalho de artistas e artesos contemporneos, designers independentes e marcas inovadoras, mas num apelo ao consumo consciente e diferenciador.

Clique para acessar Beja com mquina para devoluo de garrafas de bebidas em plstico - 21/06/2020

"O projeto-piloto de reciclagem de garrafas de bebidas de plstico PET chegou a Beja, onde foi instalada uma mquina automtica para devoluo deste tipo de embalagens."

Clique para acessar Urbam lana vdeo-aulas sobre reciclagem para crianas em So Jos dos Campos - 21/06/2020

A Urbam (Urbanizadora Municipal) publicou vdeo-aulas criativas em seu canal do Youtube com foco na educao ambiental para o reaproveitamento de materiais reciclveis para as crianas e alunos que esto em casa neste perodo da pandemia.